Alternative Healing for Addiction and Recovery



Healing through the Yoga Sciences


Mindfulness | Self-Care | Absolute Awareness


Have you been in and out of recovery programs, and still struggle with addiction?

Are you ready for absolute Peace and Freedom?



FREEDOM-ADDICTIONThis introductory ONE-MONTH program provides you with one-on-one guidance with a private mentor who will guide you through a variety of techniques to discover the root cause for the habitual patterns of your mind.

Understand the nature of your mind and emotions.

Come to realize the patterns and triggers that set off deeply ingrained behaviors. 

Learn to Master your Inner Dialogue and make peace with the past. 


 What you will gain from this program:


White Zen FlowerYou will learn the root cause that keeps you bound to your habits for addiction.  Through this simple discovery as a self-realization, the habit begins to loose its power…it becomes separated from you.  

White Zen FlowerYou will come to know the emotions that have kept you bound to your habits, and come into a place of peace with the emotions.  By learning to do this, the emotions also loose their power. 

White Zen FlowerYou learn the art of Allowing, which is then cultivated into a new awareness of who you really Are.  Forgiveness, compassion and grace become gentle guides as you continue your path, practice and program.  

White Zen FlowerYou obtain an authentic awareness that becomes a state of unwavering and gentle Peace.  

White Zen FlowerYou learn how to re-train mind on several levels, which allows you freedom from the Inner Dialogue, and emotions belonging to the subconscious mind.  You gain a peaceful mind, which becomes the foundation in all your daily activities. From this peace, your new goals are more easily achieved.


What to expect from this ONE MONTH private program


Buddhi-ConsciousnessExpect to break free from the cycles of ups and downs.  Many times, even though we truly want to change, the desire actually creates a subconscious resistance to the change we are seeking.  Why does this happen?  Many of the rationally minded goals we wish to obtain, are obstructed by silent belief systems withing the subconscious mind. When this occurs,  the goal itself leads to a feeling of “overwhelm,” which is generally a sensation that triggers addictive habits. This relationship between rational mind, and the subconscious mind has kept you in a cycle of repeated habits. Learn how to stop this cycle and obtain perfect awareness. 

Expect to release labels and self-judgment.  All past definitions of who you are, and who you believe you have been, must be released.  A label, or a name, defines something to be in existence.  For a habit or pattern to shift and change, it must be released from any form, any label, any judgment. 

Expect to release unwanted habits and life patterns that no longer serve you. You will learn how to apply Mindfulness into your daily living and experience profound shifts your belief systems, your thoughts, and your actions.  

Expect a new level of confidence within yourself, that will soon become expressed in all that you do.  Your relationships will improve.  Your zest for life will improve.  Your overall sense of well-being will improve, and will continue to improve.   Enjoy more vitality as you release old habits that have bogged you down in the past. 



Your Healing through Awareness Program Includes:

  • (3) Private Coaching Sessions per week, arranged for your convenience. Sessions are either in person, by telephone or Skype.  A total of 12 sessions.
  • Personalized follow up notes after each session.
  • Meditation Practices and guided instruction.
  • Customized personal learning materials for your program.
  • Weekly Inspiration.
  • Discounts on any future programs, events, or retreats.


Questions??  Call 585-672-5250

REGULAR PRICE $1740 >>> NOW ONLY $997.



Upon registration, you will be contacted to arrange your appointment times, and to discuss your goals.

At the completion of your ONE MONTH Program you may continue in extended programs at a discounted rate.

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