Awaken into Super Consciousness


Are you willing and ready to let go of all that has been limiting you?


In this 4-month (16) week, coaching program…

  • You learn the root cause for limiting mental patterns such as anxiety, depression, worry, or fear.
  • You come to understand the relationship between habitual mental patterns, the emotions they produce, and the reason for repeated life experiences.
  • From understanding, you obtain Awareness, which offers you the freedom, peace and clarity needed to release subconscious patterns of the mind, via the Law of Least Effort.
  • Having this freedom opens the gateway so you shift into a new level of higher living known as Super Consciousness.

Beyond the chaos and noise of the five senses lies the mind’s intuitive power.


PURPLE-BUDDHAThis program has been very successful for those who have wanted to walk away from old habits and patterns or old limiting beliefs of self-hood, to rise into a new realm of empowered reasoning that is in alignment with one’s true nature.

This is not a pre-written, “cookie-cutter” online, or downloaded program that you are expected to work on, or apply to your life on your own.

Your 4-month coaching program is customized to your level of current spiritual practice and self-understanding.  You meet one-to-one with the same mentor for the duration of your practice.  Sessions are generally 1 to 1.5 hours each. 

After each session, you will receive an email of detailed notes outlining the discussion, along with other materials to aid you during the authentic wisdom teaching and practices to engage with for that week.

You will experience and come to KNOW a new mental landscape known in the Yoga Sciences as “buddhi,” which is the highest form of illuminated intelligence…it is perfect Awareness.

As a result, a new state of consciousness becomes your guide.  


Inside Awareness, clients who have struggled most of their adult lives, simply walked away from:


Experiencing stress or depression


Unhappy Relationships

The daily grind of mediocrity

Feelings of uncertainty or fear


And you will be free from these types of limitations as well.

It is a simple process of re-training the mind.

Due to the nature of this one-to-one intense coaching, only 20 individual clients are accepted each year. Ask about couples pricing.

Weekly meetings are either in person, by telephone or Skype.



Awaken into Super Consciousness includes:


(16)  Private Coaching Sessions, scheduled weekly. 1.5 hours each

Customized Meditation Practice with Instruction.

Weekly Inspiration specific to your quest.

Any and all printed materials needed for teaching and training.

Wellness Consultation for Mind, Body, Spirit assessment.

Diet plan based on your Dosha

Lifestyle guide to match your Dosha

Training for balancing all aspects of Mind, Body, Spirit

7 Modules for Success designed for your goals



The Coaching Sessions

We will meet in person, by telephone, or Skype at a designated time each week.  The coaching process is similar to the Socratic Method, named after the classical Greek philosopher Socrates, is a form of inquiry and discussion between individuals, (normally teacher and student) based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to illuminate ideas.

These are not therapy sessions.  Instead, you are guided through modules of techniques and training from the Yoga Sciences, which is a 5000 year old practice for unraveling the mind so that Enlightenment may occur.

In these modern times, and in Western Society, you may not be seeking Enlightenment, yet this process for re-training the mind is gentle, effective, ever-lasting, and offers you what is best described as complete Freedom.


WHAT IS FREEDOM?  In this sense, freedom is:



Freedom from stress.  Freedom from the sense of overload, or unhappiness….

the coaching sessions guide YOU to discover and then enable your own source of Inner Wisdom, setting you on a path for complete peace, wisdom and inner joy.  Once you obtain this, it stays with you.  Old patterns by the Laws of Nature are unable to limit you again….ever.   Hence, freedom.  The process is infallible.


Questions??  Call 585-672-5250




At the time of registration, we will arrange your first several appointment times.

If you wish to complete your training in less time, you may choose to schedule 2 to 3 sessions per week.  All coaching programs are customized to your needs and goals.



The Meditations

Buddhi-ConsciousnessRe-training the mind begins with being able to settle the mind.  You are not those thoughts that whirl around in your mind.  You are not the emotions that follow the thoughts.  Your inner dialogue, when understood, will actually become your greatest source of Wisdom.

In the beginning of your program you will be trained to Become the Observer of the mind.  You will learn to listen to the stories of the mind, and not be affected by them.

This approach is a gentle way to enter into daily Mindfulness, so you may become aware of why you do the things that you do.

In your practice, you will not be expected to go right into a full seated meditation session…in fact, if you have tried silent, contemplative meditation, in the beginning this is normally quite impossible to master.

The Buddhi Institute meditation training guides you easily and effortlessly into Mindful Awareness, and this is the first stage to experience before any formal meditation training may take place.

You will be taught these simple techniques during your weekly one-to-one sessions.



Other Inclusions

Weekly Inspiration: Expect to receive personalized emails and texts from your mentor during your coaching program.  The relationship between you and your coach will be quite personal and authentic.

Printed training materials: Due to the nature of the deep philosophies belonging to the Yoga Sciences, you will receive reading materials that highlight the trainings.  Your coach will not want you to take notes during sessions.  Instead, we ask you to be fully present.  We send you all meeting notes, and written materials via email. If you need the materials mailed to you, there may be a small shipping fee added.

Wellness Consultation:  Your first session will include a wellness assessment so your coach will understand what your current eating, sleeping and other daily habits are. Additionally, we may ask what medications, if any, you are currently taking, and what side effects you may be experiencing from those medications. We will also determine your body’s Dosha during the consultation.

Your Dosha:  According to the Yoga Sciences, there are several different body types, and each function differently.  When out of balance, you cannot function to the best of your ability.  You notice constant fluctuations with feeling well, verses feeling tired, foggy, or disinterested in work, play, and activities that are normally important to you.

Once we assess your Dosha, we will offer you a suggested diet, or food chart to consider and outline a lifestyle chart.  Some Dosha types are “wired” to be early risers, while others feel best in the afternoon, or evening.  Learning your Dosha and coming into balance with it, will improve many aspects of your day-to-day living.

Mind, Body, Spirit:  You are a human being, and as That…you are a sum of your parts, which include: Mind, Body and Spirit.  The coaching programs at Buddhi Institute work with you on all levels of your Being.

Modules for Success:  These outlines for success will be personalized and designed just for you.  Each of us are individual expressions of one absolute source of consciousness. In this coaching program, you will begin to see what serves you and what does not.  You learn to move out of activity belonging to Forced Action, and glide into a new realm of experience by being aligned with Inspired Action.



Buddhi Institute: Embrace your Journey Within