Why do you “do” the things that you Do?


Intention is the key word to remember in this teaching. Intention is your specific purpose in performing an action or series of actions.  Intentions set with the Rational Mind will have an end or goal or expected outcome. In other words, there is a something to gain, usually some pleasant reward that moves us into [...]

Truth as a Power


  Realizing the dynamic Universal Laws, the first being that there is only one Absolute Source, which is SAT CHIT ANANDA, (true consciousness is bliss,) then there must also be only one source of Truth. However, in our modern society, we are constantly bombarded with multiple versions and ideas of what others present as truth. [...]

The Name Game: Letting go of Labels in Vipassana Meditation


The intellect belonging to our rational mind is designed to keep us safe and out of harm's way as we navigate our bodies in this 3-dimensional world of potential dangers, and potential happiness. Life experience and basic instincts guide our efforts for survival. We learn from infancy into our toddler years, that matches burn, stoves [...]

For the Love of God


Sitting here, reflecting on the meditation practice offered on Day 5 in the Season of Peace, I hear of our world's latest tragedy, the suicide blast at Lake Chad, Africa. As horror, shock, and despair continue to display through human actions of violence, the prayers and hopes for global Peace seem like an insane dream. [...]

Awe leads to Wisdom


Inspired Observation   You know this moment...the view of a sunset, the smell of rain, a flooding of peace that overwhelms the senses, any of which cultivates a feeling of Awe and a Knowing that you belong to something quite grand....perhaps even Divine.     It is in these type of realized moments that we [...]

Emotions: Our Inner GPS System


Embrace your emotions rather than resist them. Meditation Practice is difficult to start, and even more difficult to maintain in the beginning, because most often our emotions cause resistance to obtaining the Peace we are seeking. Let's face it, meditation practice is already a confusing and unknown inner landscape, and when the "Stories of the [...]

Forgetting to Remember


Releasing the Ideas of Selfhood to become what you ARE.  A lesson in Advaita...   This is a practice of Allowing.  Allowing what "is" to be whatever is, and sitting in That.   By accepting all that the Present Moment is, we come to accept ourselves as the Ego, and then...only...then, can we move into [...]

Rooted in Peace

Rooted in Peace

Cultivating Peace through Mindful Pauses of Meditation Inner peace leads to outer peace. Our personal attitude of peace is a joint principle of non-harming (ahimsa) and acceptance of others. The only path to this mindset is Love.  While fear, hatred, and violence are infectious, so is peace. The surest way toward a peaceful world, is [...]

Passion for Living

Passion for Living

Life is a dance into the Unknown.  How are we to know what each day may hold for us?  I am sure each of us have experienced waking up with a set mind of how the day will turn out…and then the unexpected happens, which could be something incredible as a new job, a new [...]

Ultimate Reality

Ultimate Reality

Just as no one has ever seen a star, only the vibration of light that has been streaming from it for thousands and thousands of years, no person has ever perceived God directly…except understanding of the Absolute that lives within each of us as an individual Being of Light. Our individual Self is Awesome.  Perfect.  [...]