What is Bhakti Meditation?

Bhakti yoga meditation is a practice of absolute devotion, combining a variety of techniques including visualization, sound and senses, but mostly emotional passion raised and directed toward our own unique remembrance of the Divine…the beloved one Source of all that Is. Simply, it is a heart-based process that allows for one-pointed / single-minded unwavering love [...]

Minding the Emotions

In mindfulness practice we come to view the emotions as being a separate entity that is not the Self. From your own life experience, you are aware that having an emotion can be either quite pleasurable, or rise into conditions such as anxiety, fear, jealousy, doubt.  Obviously, living through the rise and fall of negative [...]

Joy Affirmation

It is the imprints of the Mind that move the unseen forces and laws of the Universe. Generally, these imprints of the mind are called thoughts, however; an imprint of the Mind is the combined vibration of thought and emotion. In short, you, as a conscious creator, move the laws of the Universe: Law of [...]

Gyan Mudra: A position of Wisdom

Mudras are generally hand gestures, but may also be body positions, which belong to the Yoga Sciences.   The purpose for incorporating mudras into your yoga and meditation practice is to invoke shifts within your consciousness that will assist you as you develop higher levels of spiritual awareness. Most of us are familiar with Gyan [...]

Practicing Peace

      We are all aware of the daily acts of continued violence around the world. As each of us try to navigate through the complex maze of inner feelings, in wisdom…many of us gather as Peace Keepers. One by one…we cultivate Peace within, from which we share peace and healing with all Beings. [...]

Emotions: Our Inner GPS System

Embrace your emotions rather than resist them. Meditation Practice is difficult to start, and even more difficult to maintain in the beginning, because most often our emotions cause resistance to obtaining the Peace we are seeking. Let's face it, meditation practice is already a confusing and unknown inner landscape, and when the "Stories of the [...]

Forgetting to Remember

Releasing the Ideas of Selfhood to become what you ARE.  A lesson in Advaita...   This is a practice of Allowing.  Allowing what "is" to be whatever is, and sitting in That.   By accepting all that the Present Moment is, we come to accept ourselves as the Ego, and then...only...then, can we move into [...]

Rooted in Peace

Rooted in Peace

Cultivating Peace through Mindful Pauses of Meditation Inner peace leads to outer peace. Our personal attitude of peace is a joint principle of non-harming (ahimsa) and acceptance of others. The only path to this mindset is Love.  While fear, hatred, and violence are infectious, so is peace. The surest way toward a peaceful world, is [...]

Winds of Change…our Mind’s Ally

Winds of Change

Windy day meditations can incorporate the power of change. To embrace Nature’s power, sit by an open window…(bundle up if it is chilly) and accept the wind as a metaphorical “spirit companion.”  Imagine yourself harnessing all that energy to blow through and with you, to remove your mental clutter.  The winds of change can be [...]

A Moment to Pause…the Present Moment

Buddhi Conscious Mind

  Ancient Eastern philosophers discovered through millennia of observing and meditating that we live in two very different worlds simultaneously.  This belief is now apparent as reality presented by theories in Quantum physics.  The material world of name and form, which we experience with our five sense perceptions, is a manifested, finite world of complex [...]