Soulfully Speaking

As each new day lifts us up into full waking consciousness, we are given a clean slate.  After all, waking up literally gives us a new day, with new potentialities, and if we claim so…the opportunity to have NEW perspectives belonging to every facet of our lives. Waking up each morning with absolute Awareness is [...]

Doorknobs: A Gateway to Awareness

Ah…the roles we play… Spouse, parent, sibling, employee or employer…there are MANY versions of you.  Certainly you are perceived by your co-workers in one way, and by your spouse or children in a different way. Are you the “same” person in the evening that you were in the morning? Are you the same person today [...]

Hooked on a Feeling

What is “it” that continues to pull into entertaining old habits, behaviors, and emotional conditions, even after we have practiced meditation, incorporated the PAUSE into our daily activities, and have actively woken up to declare the day good for months on end? Old mental patterns, or habits, we realize them when they occur…we have trained [...]

Understanding Mindfulness AND Concentration

Your practices of Mindfulness and Meditation are a mental balancing act that cultivate two different aspects of the mind. However, by balancing the facilities of the mind, you establish peace and clarity of the mind. These two practices can be compared to the wings of a bird. With two strong and balanced wings, you fly [...]

Minding the Emotions

In mindfulness practice we come to view the emotions as being a separate entity that is not the Self. From your own life experience, you are aware that having an emotion can be either quite pleasurable, or rise into conditions such as anxiety, fear, jealousy, doubt.  Obviously, living through the rise and fall of negative [...]

Give Away Everything you Want

Today’s lesson invokes the Law of Cause and Effect, and is actually quite simple to understand, although difficult for most of us to put into practice. Many of us struggle trying to “get what we want,” but to obtain your desires easily and effortlessly, you must first believe that you have what you want…and such [...]

Joy Affirmation

It is the imprints of the Mind that move the unseen forces and laws of the Universe. Generally, these imprints of the mind are called thoughts, however; an imprint of the Mind is the combined vibration of thought and emotion. In short, you, as a conscious creator, move the laws of the Universe: Law of [...]

The Illusion of Addiction

Have you become your addiction, or has your addiction become You? In this view, both are non-realities. The condition may seem to be, but according the Yoga Sciences, this is merely an illusion produced by the perceptions of the mind. If you, or anyone you know currently struggles with addiction, yes…chemical shifts have occurred in [...]

This Present Moment: Mindfulness in Action

Mindfulness is the practice of being aware and conscious in our day to day living.  Yes, Mindfulness is meditation in action. Meditation practice is the time you set aside for cultivating Stillness so you may rise into awareness as the Observer of the mind.  Through consistent meditation practice, you develop and train the mind to [...]

Make it a GREAT day! Mindfulness Practices for Spiritual Warriors

Each of us encounters these three states of consciousness on a daily basis: Waking consciousness Dreaming sleep consciousness Dreamless consciousness Upon awakening each morning from a night of sleep, you shift out of either dreamless or dreaming sleep into full waking consciousness.    At this sacred moment, you have a choice.   You may enter [...]