The Present Moment

This Present Moment: Mindfulness in Action

Mindfulness is the practice of being aware and conscious in our day to day living.  Yes, Mindfulness is meditation in action. Meditation practice is the time you set aside for cultivating Stillness so you may rise into awareness as the Observer of the mind.  Through consistent meditation practice, you develop and train the mind to [...]

Forgetting to Remember

Releasing the Ideas of Selfhood to become what you ARE.  A lesson in Advaita…   This is a practice of Allowing.  Allowing what “is” to be whatever is, and sitting in That.   By accepting all that the Present Moment is, we come to accept ourselves as the Ego, and then…only…then, can we move into [...]

Be. Here. Now

Buddhi Present Moment

Life happens only in the present moment.  We learn from our yesterdays to make plans for our tomorrows, but we can only act in the present moment.  Your reality is NOW.  It is what it is.  So if you are not enjoying this present moment, relax…a new moment is only a second away!  Moment to [...]

Engaged Mindfulness

Cup of Tea with Leaf

Many of us know and appreciate the value of meditation time, or allowing ourselves to find inner peace through yoga, or the quiet to be enjoyed while in communion with Nature.  What we struggle with, is bringing “that Peace” into the rest of our lives. Moments after a yoga class, we may leave the building, [...]

A Moment to Pause…the Present Moment

Buddhi Conscious Mind

  Ancient Eastern philosophers discovered through millennia of observing and meditating that we live in two very different worlds simultaneously.  This belief is now apparent as reality presented by theories in Quantum physics.  The material world of name and form, which we experience with our five sense perceptions, is a manifested, finite world of complex [...]