The Illusion of Addiction


Have you become your addiction, or has your addiction become You? In this view, both are non-realities. The condition may seem to be, but according the Yoga Sciences, this is merely an illusion produced by the perceptions of the mind. If you, or anyone you know currently struggles with addiction, yes...chemical shifts have occurred in [...]

Truth as a Power


  Realizing the dynamic Universal Laws, the first being that there is only one Absolute Source, which is SAT CHIT ANANDA, (true consciousness is bliss,) then there must also be only one source of Truth. However, in our modern society, we are constantly bombarded with multiple versions and ideas of what others present as truth. [...]

A Buddhist Teaching on Anger


One day the Buddha visited a village.  As he was greeted by the people, an angry and rude speaking young man began insulting him... “You have no right teaching others” he shouted. “You are as stupid as everyone else. You are nothing but a fake.” The Buddha remained calm, and did not take the insults [...]

The Name Game: Letting go of Labels in Vipassana Meditation


The intellect belonging to our rational mind is designed to keep us safe and out of harm's way as we navigate our bodies in this 3-dimensional world of potential dangers, and potential happiness. Life experience and basic instincts guide our efforts for survival. We learn from infancy into our toddler years, that matches burn, stoves [...]

Let go the Ego


Many of the Spiritual Masters compare the process of obtaining self-realization to the struggle of climbing a mountain.  Anyone new to their spiritual practice may find this analogy daunting.   However, this upward journey can only be completed step-by-step, and it is certain that the limited knowledge you have now, will expand into new levels [...]

The Vortex of Life


Chakras are considered to be the most important energy spots in the body. It’s said that when the chakras are aligned, there is natural balance achieved that cannot be found any other way…and that this “alignment” leads to the highest forms of self-expression and inner contentment. But what are the chakras? What is their purpose, [...]

Mindfulness is Awareness: The Roles we Play


Seeing the outside world as one thing, and yourself as something separate from others, is a mindset that limits your Authentic Nature.    Viewing yourself as a physical presence containing mind, body, and spirit, is an existence of individuality that can only be governed by the Rational Mind. Out of necessity, Rational Mind as Ego, attempts [...]

For the Love of God


Sitting here, reflecting on the meditation practice offered on Day 5 in the Season of Peace, I hear of our world's latest tragedy, the suicide blast at Lake Chad, Africa. As horror, shock, and despair continue to display through human actions of violence, the prayers and hopes for global Peace seem like an insane dream. [...]

Awe leads to Wisdom


Inspired Observation   You know this moment...the view of a sunset, the smell of rain, a flooding of peace that overwhelms the senses, any of which cultivates a feeling of Awe and a Knowing that you belong to something quite grand....perhaps even Divine.     It is in these type of realized moments that we [...]

Forgetting to Remember


Releasing the Ideas of Selfhood to become what you ARE.  A lesson in Advaita...   This is a practice of Allowing.  Allowing what "is" to be whatever is, and sitting in That.   By accepting all that the Present Moment is, we come to accept ourselves as the Ego, and then...only...then, can we move into [...]