Focus 2017


Focus 2017: The Ultimate YOU

Learn how to apply Mindfulness into every area of your life in 6 private one-on-one sessions!


Do you make goals, and then become overwhelmed by them? 

Do you find yourself repeating certain patterns in your life over and over again?




This introductory program provides you with one-on-one guidance with a private mentor who will help you lay the foundation for your goals and plans. Learn how to apply Mindfulness into every area of your life.

Come to know WHY you do the things that you do.

Come to know WHY you sometimes resist doing what you really want to do.

What is holding you back?


What you will gain from this program:


Focus-eyeYou will learn to set goals that are in balance with your Authentic Self. When this is achieved, your daily actions become uplifting, while any sense of overwhelm gentle dissipates.

Focus-eyeYou will become aware of why you do the things you do…and from that awareness, you come to know what really serves your best interest so your actions are rooted in a place of joyful confidence. 

Focus-eyeYou will gain unshakable clarity and focus in all areas of your life. Your interactions with family, relationships, career, and personal goals will shift to become dynamic venues that enrich your overall well-being. 

Focus-eyeYou obtain an authentic awareness that becomes a state of unwavering and gentle Peace.  

Focus-eyeA trained mind, is a peaceful mind, which becomes the foundation in all your daily activities. From this peace, your goals are more easily achieved.


What this course in Mindfulness teaches…


mindfulness-focusMost often, we make goals for ourselves, and within a few short weeks, we get off track.  Why does this happen?  Perhaps the goal you have created in the past have not been aligned with your Authentic Nature.   Goals created by the Rational Mind, or the Subconscious mind, will never serve your best interest, and for that reason the goal itself leads to a feeling of “overwhelm.”

Packed schedules lead us into a frenzy of forced action.  In Mindfulness, you cultivate a state of Peace, which allows you to engage with your activities by the Law of Least Effort.  This act of Allowing the work, goal, or task to work through you, brings ease and clarity to the mind. 

Learning Mindfulness practice is extremely beneficial if you desire to experience powerful changes in your life such as releasing old habits or life patterns that you know no longer serve you. 

In the course of any day, many of us change hats several times as we move in and out of the various roles we play.  Learn to become 100% present minded in each of these, yet in doing so with awareness, the effort becomes less.  Enjoy more vitality as you release old habits that have bogged you down in the past. 



Your 2017: Focus Program Includes:


  • A customized workbook and personal learning materials for your practice of goal setting and accomplishing your dreams.
  • (6) Six Private 1 Hour Coaching Sessions arranged for your convenience. Sessions are either in person, by telephone or Skype.
  • Meditation Practices and Instruction.
  • Weekly Inspiration specific to your quest.


Questions??  Call 585-672-5250



Upon registration, you will be contacted to arrange your appointment times, and to discuss your goals.

At the completion of your private 6-Week Program you may continue in the following extended programs.  The cost of Focus 2017 deducted from the cost of the added on program.

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