Healing via the Yoga Sciences


Yoga as a practice aligns all aspects of one’s being. As an applied science, yoga offers the wisdom that will liberate you from any type of pain, suffering or discomfort.

Yoga science offers a methodology from which you will come to understand yourself better on all levels, including your physical well-being, your actions, thought processes, emotions, and desires. You also come to understand how you relate to the world, and how to lead a successful life in all aspects of living.



White Zen FlowerWhat are you seeking?

Generally the answer is freedom from the thoughts and emotions that give cause to anxiety, depression, ache, pain, addiction, or cyclical life patterns.

Yoga science, when applied into your life, forms a union between the internal and external conditions of your life. The word Yoga actually means “unification, to unite with.” You have to unite yourself with the whole, which is simply a higher state of consciousness.

Whatever you may be experiencing as a reality, anxiety, depression, addictions, loss of vitality, chaotic thought patterns, you will heal from these conditions, and you will rise into your fullest potentiality as a human being.


White Zen Flower

Beyond the five senses is the Unseen World governed by Laws.

Who are you? Most of us experience ourselves as a 3-dimensional body, and we navigate ourselves through a 3-dimensional world via a very limited system known as the five senses. Through sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch, our rational mind gathers “data” so we can make choices that keep us safe, or happy.

Through the five senses we constantly choose or decide, “I like this,” or “I don’t like that.” The rational mind works as either a judge or a victim. We are either judging what we believe we like or dislike, or we feel victimized by what the outside world is presenting to us.

Very few people realize that there is world hidden beyond the five senses. This world is discovered through coming to know new levels of consciousness discovered through the healing practices belonging to the Yoga Sciences.  The highest level of wisdom or discernment is known as Buddhi.

Buddhi is a Sanskrit word from the Yoga Sciences that describes the faculty of reasoning through one’s higher state of Inner Wisdom, which shines forth in present moment states of mindfulness and awareness.

Buddhi is a passive and latent principle, and it is only experienced through union with absolute consciousness, and becomes the reasoning of Higher Self. This level of consciousness within each of us, and is the only “vehicle” of truth and well-being.

Each person has access to this level of consciousness, and through guided training, you will find it, and become it.


White Zen Flower

Yoga Science does not tell you what to do and what not to do, but teaches you how to Be.

Once you come to understand the depth of this shift, being verses doing, healing through the Yoga Sciences becomes a quiet unfolding of consciousness.

Through training, you will come to know the known and unknown parts of your life, you will become free from pains and miseries, and you will obtain a wisdom that never departs from you. Once you rise in consciousness, you will never sink again.

Previous patterns of the mind and the entangled emotional states that have had the power to hinder your well-being fade away, and never return.


White Zen Flower

This process of healing is not for everyone.

You have to feel and know without a doubt that you really want to shift into the best you can Be. In short, you must be devoted to yourself, your well-being, and to your life. An attitude that you will “try and see” how this type of practice will work for you will only keep you where you are.

You have to know within the core of your Being, that something is missing. A part of you feels asleep, or lost, and you must be devoted to this very personal and enlightening inner journey process. Through self-devotion, you will Awaken, and you become free from all past limitations.



Through listening, hearing arises.
Through hearing, knowing.
Through knowing, becoming.
By becoming, Being is possible.

When you do things from your soul you feel a river moving inside you, a joy. When action comes from elsewhere, this feeling vanishes. ~Rumi