For the Love of God

Sitting here, reflecting on the meditation practice offered on Day 5 in the Season of Peace, I hear of our world’s latest tragedy, the suicide blast at Lake Chad, Africa.

As horror, shock, and despair continue to display through human actions of violence, the prayers and hopes for global Peace seem like an insane dream.

Nevertheless, as more and more acts of violence occur, more and more acts of kindness, Love, compassion are needed.

For the Love of God, may we come to Know how to Love each other. 



Though love comes all understanding.

Violence breeds more violence.   We must learn to listen to each other.  What is causing all this pain, hate and suffering that prompts some to engage in mass killings???

Labels at this point do not make sense of any action or any person engaged in an action.

Calling anyone a Christian terrorist, or Jhiadist, mentally ill, or any other religious or political name only deepens the gap and widens the space for more violence to occur.

During this Season of Peace, what is needed, is a new perspective.   A new understanding…that We Are All the Same. 

This idea at first view may seem absurd, or feel like a jagged pill to swallow, but hear this…

Have you ever “exploded” into a fit of rage??   Even if your anger was only prompted by emotions over a lost football game, or from bonking your head? …. How about road rage?   Do you ever burst into rage while driving??

Rage is Rage, even though the expression of said rage is only measured by degree.   Nevertheless, in the totality of All things, your rage, and anyone else’s rage is still rage.  In this way, rage is the same, only the engaged action with the rage varies by degree.

And who are we to judge?    We don’t understand anyone’s else rage, sadness, or despair, just as not one person can ever Know yours.

The only path to Peace, is to first drop labels…meaning, we can no longer see anyone as different from ourselves. 

The path to Peace will require each of us one by one, to accept and understand our own minds, our own hearts, and our own actions.    In doing so, you will be able to see the totality of sameness in every individual.

From that point, each of us will be able to actual listen and Hear each other.   From that place…new levels of dialogue can occur through the process of accepting everyone and everything…warts, bumps, beliefs and All.

No labels.  No judging.

Coming into a place of your own Peace and understanding is a Practice.   It is a commitment of Practicing Peace with every thought you think, every word that you say, and every emotion that you feel.

May we all come to seat ourselves in the Peace and Understanding that only Love can offer.

For the Love of God, may we come to Know how to Love each other, Love life, and care for each other.

It’s not too late…JOIN THE SEASON OF PEACE, and begin practicing Peace.  The world needs you!

Always in Peace ~ Melinda

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  • Tammy December 6, 2015, 3:28 am

    Thank you for spreading the positivity and healing known as peace and love. It is a constant practice and I always love and need reminders especially in such sad worldly times. I believe that with more love will come more love. I want my life to be a testimony of Gods love. For the love of God, I love you. It’s just that simple. Namaste.