Forgetting to Remember

Releasing the Ideas of Selfhood to become what you ARE.  A lesson in Advaita…


This is a practice of Allowing.  Allowing what “is” to be whatever is, and sitting in That.   By accepting all that the Present Moment is, we come to accept ourselves as the Ego, and then…only…then, can we move into the realm beyond that perception.

That practice is the essence of “forgetting.”   We must accept the limited and vulnerable nature of the Rational Mind, and in that place of present moment Awareness, in total and complete compassion and acceptance, this hindrance of the mind, begins to fade or shift, so that a True realization may be experienced.





There, in that place, is your inner Wisdom, your unshakable Peace, your perfect and calm Center.   Therefore, in a practice of Allowing, and by means of Law of Least Effort, you come into your True Nature, by forgetting the falsehoods of the mind…hence in Stillness, remembering who you ARE.

Often, when we reach this place of Awareness, we have no guidance for exploring this place of Awareness.   We find the Peace, and in our own excitement and pleasure, Rational Mind once again attempts to Observe, to “categorize” this state of happiness, and the Awareness begins to slip away.

How does one maintain Awareness once it has been Remembered?


Focusing on Breath:  This is the most common recommendation, however; I find that Rational Mind can still creep in all to easy.    Yet, some practitioners find counting breath cycles to be an excellent technique for maintaining present moment Awareness.

 Mantra:  A short word or phrase is my favorite method for staying focused into one-pointed concentration during meditation or mindfulness practice.   With this technique you are actually taking a “friend” or “guide” with you into your practice of Allowing, Focusing, and Sitting with all aspects of your existence.   By using a mantra, the “guide” you take with you can be intention you are currently exploring in your Spiritual Practice.

Me?  I prefer the silent recitation of  “Om.”

Inhale in silence.   Exhale a long, silent….”Om.”

Through years of practice, it has been my experience that this “friend” or “Guide” is the perfect companion for going into deeper meditation, which also allows the hindrances of the mind to fade, so that perfect Wisdom arises.

There, in THAT place, I once again Remember that I AM THAT…and so are YOU.

May you be That Peace… ~ Melinda

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