Practicing Peace

Cultivating inner peace is the foundation of all spiritual practices. Our inner world is reflected in our outer world experiences through connections with others, and is expressed as compassion, justice, promoting non-violence, and embracing diversity. While fear, hatred, and violence are infectious, so is peace. Therefore, as Peacekeepers or Light workers, we must commit to practicing peace in all that we do.

We must stay composed no matter how hateful people around us may be acting. We must embrace conflict with equanimity. We must remain steady so that conflicted persons feel safe in our presence. Over time, as people with opposing ideas begin to feel safe, we will have been a ripple effect of peace in our world. Maintaining a steady state of calm, will allow others to lower their guard, feel safe, and release their need for friction, or fighting; all of which is an essential first step that will begin to disarm the world.

Nevertheless, there are many days in which conditions from the outside world can easily upset our inner peace, when we are not committed to the practice. I teach my students to learn to experience turbulent emotions as Spiritual Guides. When you feel yourself become worried, upset, or anxious, thank the emotion for showing you that you have forgotten your place of peace. In that moment of Awareness, you then get to choose how you really want to respond to what the outside world is showing you.

I frequently invite my students to make a 40-Day commitment to Practicing Peace. This will take constant, daily reminding yourself of the commitment. For example, if you know that you have a “default” emotion that is easily triggered, such as anxiety, or road rage, you will now begin to use this trigger as your personal Guide to inner peace. As you notice the emotion rising, you pause, thank the emotion, and then reaffirm your vow to the commitment. A vow for your 40-Day practice could be stated such as:

• Hearing raised or hostile voices in public, on the news, or at work, will now guide me into being calm, peaceful, and kind.

• When I hear of suffering or tragedy, I will be reminded of my commitment to practicing peace, and work to reduce the suffering of all Beings.

• Whenever I now feel anger rising, I vow to not add any violence or pain into our world.

This type of practice will give you direct knowledge of your own nature. You will come to know the habits of the mind, yet through a higher level of Awareness come to KNOW your higher mind, your highest potentiality for being.

The reward of this level of Awareness is freedom. You become unshakable. Additionally, knowing and understanding yourself, allows you to also understand others, which ultimately leads to outer world interconnectedness, and inner world peace.


The key to experiencing a profound and transformative 40-Day commitment is devoting yourself to, and engaging in, a daily practice that brings peace to your inner self. Choose one thing. Many students at first jump in with great enthusiasm, and think they will do yoga, eat healthy, go to bed early, but are overwhelmed within days. Choose only one. Less is more in this case. Daily yoga, stretching, walking, cycling, hiking, reading sacred texts for 30 minutes; choose any ONE thing that calms your body, mind, and spirit. I highly recommend meditation as the chosen practice. I have seen many of my student’s lives transform once they committed to a daily meditation practice.

My life was also transformed by committing to a series of 40-Day practices that lasted over a period of 1008 days. This occurred many years ago, but I can personally affirm to the benefits of what a 40-Day practice will do for a person who remains devoted to their purpose. For the past several years I have been mostly teaching or coaching, which has been tremendously rewarding, yet recently realized that I missed these transformative practices in my own life. I missed being in deep “relationship” with my inner self.

The International Day of Peace was celebrated on September 21st, and on that day I vowed to begin a new personal 1008-Day spiritual journey with the sole purpose of only speaking in peace, being in peace, and teaching peace. This deepened vow is my devoted purpose for serving others, and will be the foundation for all future classes, retreats, courses, local and global events, and teachings. I feel vibrantly alive.

Peacekeepers and Light workers know that the commitment to being in service to others must be exercised daily. I invite you to become profoundly devoted to your commitment in a new way.

May Peace be the guide of all that we do.

May the light in you, ignite the light in others.

Namaste ~ Melinda


Melinda Johnston, M.Msc.: Spiritual Philosopher and Coach, Intuitive Healer, Wellness Consultant, International Speaker, Author, and Peace Activist
Author of Practicing Peace Guidebook


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