Rooted in Peace

Cultivating Peace through Mindful Pauses of Meditation

Inner peace leads to outer peace. Our personal attitude of peace is a joint principle of non-harming (ahimsa) and acceptance of others. The only path to this mindset is Love.  While fear, hatred, and violence are infectious, so is peace. The surest way toward a peaceful world, is for each of us to manifest our own presence of peace.

Rooted in Peace

How to Practice:

Observe the Mind

At any point of the day, no matter where you are, you can come to Stillness by settling the Mind.  With awareness you notice that you are feeling stressed or out of center…this is your inner signal to come again into Peace by rooting into Stillness.

And it is so simple, that most of us forget to do it.  Just breathe!
Slowly inhale then slowly exhale through the center of your chest.
Stay still and observe the feeling for a
moment, let your mind come to rest.  Carry on the observation in relaxing manner.

Learn to transfer the Peace of Mind to your Heart Center

From the mind, pass the feeling of Peace to your Heart Center.  Allow the Peace to fill you from this place and expand into the entire being of your body.  BECOME THE PEACE.

As this feeling is allowed to Be…let it rise.   Let it grow.  Let it replace anything in your Mind that is not Peace.   This process is done gently in compassion for yourself, and also ….importantly, send Peace to anyone or any situation that may have gotten you off Center today.

Sending out the Peace before You

From the “spiritual current” of your Heart Center, now allow the mind to wish happiness for anyone who has irritated you today. Wish Peace to yourself.  Wish Peace to anyone that comes to your attention…anyone who you know needs some Peace.   From your Heart Center, you will have plenty of Peace to share.

Carrying Peace into every Activity

Now that Peace has become your actual state of Presence, your awareness will guide you deliver Peace as it is needed throughout the remainder of the day.   Now, when disturbances of the mind, or in situations occur, rather that becoming rattled by conditions outside of yourself, you can now easily remain in your centered calm, and send forth the Peace within you.  This is expressed by simply observing the feeling at the center of your chest, and focusing the Peace you have just recently experienced.

Let your Heart Center guide your Mind

The mind is independent of suffering and will function in a place of real happiness, when you allow the Heart Center to guide the Mind.   Remembering to do this will become automatic with daily practice in real life, present moment experiences.

May Wisdom Become You. May Peace Become You.

In Blessing ~ Melinda

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