Why do you “do” the things that you Do?

Inspired-action-blogIntention is the key word to remember in this teaching.

Intention is your specific purpose in performing an action or series of actions.  Intentions set with the Rational Mind will have an end or goal or expected outcome. In other words, there is a something to gain, usually some pleasant reward that moves us into action. For example, you may not enjoy going to work, but paydays reward you with the opportunity to go get what you believe you really want.

Intentions set from Higher Mind, are not goal directed.

However, most of us work with expectations in mind: we work hard in our jobs to get respect and appreciation from our colleagues and promotions from the boss. We clean our yards and make them lovely with the hope that our neighbors will be appreciative if not downright envious. We work hard in school to get good grades, anticipating that this will bring us a fine future. We cook a splendid meal with the expectation that it will be received with plaudits and praise. We dress nicely in anticipation of someone’s appreciation. So many of the actions we engage in are for subconscious needs of approval or reward, therefore; we are unaware of our true intentions.

From a spiritual viewpoint, actions that are attached to any expectation of praise, reward, or pleasant results, are false ideals that will sooner or later provide you with some level of disappointment in the form of exhaustion, self-criticism, or a sense of feeling overwhelmed.

Rational Mind creates an Inner Dialogue prompting you to engage in forced action for the sole purpose of trying to make something happen.  Generally speaking, these are actions you take just because you think you should be doing something.

You can tell when you’re doing this type of action because it feels forced. There will be no excitement and no motivation for this type of action. It’s going to feel like a struggle and results are going to be few and far between. Trying to take forced action is like trying to climb up a hill through a river of molasses; it’s an awful lot of effort and you’re not going to get very far even though you’re working really hard.

On top of that, obstacles tend to start cropping up left, right and center and it seems like a classic one step forward, two steps back kind of scenario. You’re moving and acting and doing and working… but nothing seems to actually be happening. You’re spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.

The Joy of Life


Inspired action, on the other hand, is action that you take when you feel inspired to do it. This type of action is almost always accompanied by a rush of energy, and feelings of excitement, enthusiasm and joy.

When you’re taking inspired action, you are in the zone – you are flying along like a high speed engine and everything just flows.  You will accomplish more in a relatively short amount of time than you ever realized was possible. You will work harder than ever, but it doesn’t feel like work!

In fact, you might stop when you suddenly become aware that you’re hungry, only to look at the clock and realize with a shock that you’ve completely lost track of time, and you’ve worked the entire day and didn’t even know it! (In which case, you should definitely take a dinner break… you’ve earned it!


Each of us are born with an inner guidance system that tells you when you are on or off purpose by the amount of joy you are experiencing.



Are you a doer, or a procrastinator? How quickly do you engage with challenges? Do you jump right in solving, fixing, creating…or do you hold back to ponder, analyze, and take on challenges in baby steps? Do you engage FULLY with your actions, or do you feel yourself holding back a little…giving yourself space to “check things out?”



Past mental hindrances often keep us moving forward as adults in the here and the now. Perhaps you are in unchartered waters, and are not sure how to move forward. Perhaps current commitments to other activities are limiting you from truly engaging with what you desire. We often spend week, months, or even years pondering the Would’a, Could’a and Shoulda’s….entertaining the “loop” of thought patterns in our minds. We come to believe these obstacles are real, when most of the time, the limitation is simply born of the mind.

Q. What have been the conditions or blockages from keeping you moving toward your goals in the past? Expectations from others? Fear of failure? Fear of Success? Not enough information to move forward??




The feelings you are having while taking the action are the only true indicator as to whether or not you are in alignment with Source Energy.  If you are feeling good, happy, peaceful, content, pleased, giddy, excited, glowing, or joyful, you are in alignment with Source Energy. But if, on the other hand, you are feeling stressed, resentful, anxious, worried, mad, fearful, overwhelmed, depressed, sick, frustrated or upset, you are not.



I teach my students to Pause prior to any action.  Taking a quick pause of 30 seconds or less, allows you to experience authentic Awareness of WHY you are about to do something…

Make a phone call

Go Shopping

See a friend

Work on a project

Choose a mood or a belief system


Give your Higher Mind the opportunity to guide you into Inspired Action.  Pause…and come to KNOW why you do the things that you Do. 

Namaste’ ~ Melinda



Melinda Johnston, M.Msc.: Spiritual Philosopher and Coach, Intuitive Healer, Wellness Consultant, International Speaker, Author, and Peace Activist
Author of Practicing Peace Guidebook




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