Joy Affirmation

It is the imprints of the Mind that move the unseen forces and laws of the Universe. Generally, these imprints of the mind are called thoughts, however; an imprint of the Mind is the combined vibration of thought and emotion.

In short, you, as a conscious creator, move the laws of the Universe: Law of Cause and Effect, Law of Attraction, and so on, by the vibration of what you are feeling.

Imprints of the Mind that are in harmony with the Universe are more powerful.  For example, when you are able to do your work joyfully, you move the Law of Cause and Effect in a joyful way.   On the flip side, if you do your work with a rational mind intention of “wanting to do good work,” yet feel miserable while actually doing the work, it is your state of misery that moves the laws of the Universe.

Your thoughts and emotions must be in harmony, and aligned with a potentiality for the Highest Good.

Most of us have a default emotion.  We wake up with this “channel” on.  Become aware of this frequency!  Its vibration goes before you.

Therefore, if you sense that you are at the moment lacking Joy, then you must invoke it.  You must become whatever it is you seek, well before you can expect joy, peace or happiness to be with you always.



Practice, and learn to give any rational mind worry or concern away.  (Give it to God.) Immediately focus your attention inward, and claim what it is that you want, and dedicate yourself to that desire fully.

This Joy Affirmation Meditation below is short and simple:

  • Each day, upon awakening…realize you are in fact awake.  This is being in full Awareness.
  • Give yourself fully into a state of humble awe, and then speak inwardly to yourself…

“I now enter into my inner state of the Most High.  I enter this place in humble Awe of All that Is.   I know that by its own design, the Universe (God) hears my every unspoken thought.  I am aware that my state of consciousness constantly reflects my moods and thoughts.  Inside of this realization, I choose to think, speak and give my attention to only the good, beautiful, and true.  I know that when I choose Joy, joy becomes me.  I give myself over to the One Source of perfect joy, so that I too am filled with this joy.  I am now the joy of perfect peace.  I am now the joy of creative power.  I am now the joy of Divine relationship with my Highest Self.  I give thanks for this perfect joy that now fills me.” ~ Om


If joy has been hard to find within, I promise that if you focus on Joy…it WILL expand.  It WILL become you.  Invite it in.  Invoke it, and accept it fully as it arises.  Simply, allow Joy to become you on all levels of mind, body and spirit. Begin today.  Allow Joy to rise above all other things within you.

Many Blessings,




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