Practicing Peace


The global event, the Season of Peace begins today at 6 PM, wherever you are in the world.


The goal for this event is to have people all over the world meditate and reflect on the World Peace at 6 pm in their time zone for the first 21 days in December.  By doing so, there will be groups of people in meditative prayer 24 hours a day for the 21 days leading up to the Winter Solstice and the Christmas Season.



We are all aware of the daily acts of continued violence around the world. As each of us try to navigate through the complex maze of inner feelings, in wisdom…many of us gather as Peace Keepers.

One by one…we cultivate Peace within, from which we share peace and healing with all Beings.

Our individual efforts bridge us together as a body of humanity as we take a pause to simply sit, focus on breath, and send Love, Peace, and Joy to those who need it the most such as:

* Anyone you are aware of that needs peace and comfort.

* Certain groups of people, for example all persons who are ill or in hospitals, or who are homeless, or scared…etc.

* The refugees scattered all over the world.

* The world’s political leaders and teachers. 

* The entire world of peoples, creatures and nature…etc.

The event begins with focus on a quote from Mother Teresa, “Peace begins with a smile.”   Peace radiates from a joyful heart.

Today’s mantra is, “May all Beings be filled with Joy and Peace.”

Contemplate this.   Feel it.  Capture this idea in your heart and mind…just for today.

Your meditation practice during the Season of Peace is your prayer offering…your act of cultivating and sending Peace.

Let your soul shine, and may Peace be with you.

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