Rumi’s Field of Peace

Buddhi Meditation PathThrough Bhakti meditation practice, we bring our full selves into a profound state of Peace, and then offer this peace to all beings.

Building, and rising from prior mediation practices, we continue to allow all actions, thoughts, beliefs…etc to flow from Heart Center, realizing, accepting that we are not the Doer.

Releasing Ego so we may raise into a 4th dimension state of consciousness, the Transcended Self, which is unencumbered by pride, fear, doubt, Heart Center is free to let Love flow freely and easily.

Because most of us are still fluctuating between the lower dimensions of consciousness, we must continue to invoke the presence of peace to rise up, fulfill us and BECOME us.

This week, we will engage with creative visualization meditation so we may center ourselves in a Third Eye created field of Peace. Establish “there” we invoke earth nurturing, wise Earth energy to rise into us, invoke this sacred wisdom, and allow it to become us.

This “Field of Peace” is within each of us…however, we must find this place of absolute love and forgiveness.  Our higher selves know this place, but for those of us who have forgotten, Rumi’s description is a perfect reminder:


Rumi’s Field of Peace


“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase each other,
doesn’t make any sense.”


Believing that all things come from ONE Source…when we begin to LIVE that concept fully from Heart Center, our interactions with others changes. Our ideas about ourselves changes. There becomes no need for walls, boundaries, protection, limiting ideas such as right or wrong, bigger or better.

Only Seeing from Heart Center will give you this viewpoint.



The Meditation


In this creative visualization meditation, it is recommended to first wrap yourself inside a state of Bhakti. Wear LOVE like a blanket of peace. In short, listen to some beautiful music, or read some inspirational text, sit in the sun…consciously bring yourself into a state of pure Loving.

> Once established fully inside Bhakti, close your eyes, and prepare to sit.

> Breathing 10 or 12 full breath cycles, watching and allowing prana to rise and fall. Inhaling from root, watching Prana rise up and out of Crown.

> Exhaling, allowing and watching prana enter into Crown, and restore you fully as it passes through the Chakra System. If you wish, you can allow prana to cleanse Heart Chakra by leaving the exhale there.

> Full of Grace, radiating in Bhakti, allow Mind’s Eye to bring you into a field, a meadow…this will be your Field of Peace.

> Become comfortable there. Come to realize that in this field of Peace, you are like a Shaman. All the elements are for your use to heal and offer prayers to all Beings.

> Invite an animal guide to come be with you. Feel the presence of this animal. Soon, ask the spirit animal to bestow powers upon you so that you may become a vessel of Peace and Healing for all.

> Sit yourself, in your field, power animal nearby, and feel yourself sit on the Earth and begin to absorb its healing energy.

> Every inhale most certainly comes in through root, through the bottoms of your feet…you can feel yourself becoming enormous with earth’s healing energy.

> Breathe this in. Hold. Bring this healing energy into Heart Chakra.

> And use every exhale to now forcefully, yet effortlessly, exit Heart Center… and fill up your field of Peace…more profoundly, every exhale manifests enormous flocks of birds which carry your intentions out of the field and into the world.

> Stay here for as long as you wish. Inhale powerful healing, and exhaling this power out of the field so that it may serve all Beings.

> Serve all animals that suffer. All peoples with illness or worry…

> People that are confused or lonely…

> People that are hungry or afraid…

> Allow Heart Center to guide you into prayer. Your heart will know who to pray for, who to send healing and peace to.

> Stay here. Each inhale is filling you up. Each exhale is serving the world. This process of being a vessel heals you as well.

> Keep breathing. Keep healing. Keep seeing from the Heart.

> When you are ready, you may end the meditation.



Melinda Johnston, M.Msc.: Spiritual Philosopher and Coach, Intuitive Healer, Wellness Consultant, International Speaker, Author, and Peace Activist
Author of Practicing Peace Guidebook


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