Doorknobs: A Gateway to Awareness

Ah…the roles we play…

Spouse, parent, sibling, employee or employer…there are MANY versions of you.  Certainly you are perceived by your co-workers in one way, and by your spouse or children in a different way.

Are you the “same” person in the evening that you were in the morning?

Are you the same person today that you were 5 days ago?  How about 5 weeks ago??   The answer… Yes and No.



When your eyes open each morning, you enter into waking consciousness.  This is a sacred ‘re-birthing’ each day you experience it.  As you enter into this state of awareness, you are You.  You are an individual expression of One Consciousness.

A few seconds later, rational mind awakens, and begins to judge your surroundings and present moment conditions.  Therefore, almost immediately, your mind is engaged with sorting out likes verses dislikes.  For example, you like or dislike the way you feel…warm, cold, comfy, happy…not happy.

A few seconds after that, you may notice if you are sleeping next to someone.  If so, as soon as you notice this, you have instantly changed roles…you are now a Lover, or a Spouse.   Are you still the same person as you were a few seconds ago?  Yes, you are…but your role has changed….so No.

A few moments later, you may rise to exit the bed.  Generally, the first destination for most of us upon rising is the bathroom.  Do you enter the bathroom alone, or are there family members already in there?  Are you the same you that you were only a minute ago?




This week’s mindfulness practice:

DOORKNOBS are now your GATEWAY to Awareness.  Each time your hand touches a doorknob, such as your front door, car handle, office door, bathroom stall, conference room…become MINDFUL of what role you are playing in life at that MOMENT. 

If you are at work, then do your best at work.  Leave home issues at home.  FULLY BE a great employee, or a great supervisor. 

When you head home in the evening, leave work at work!!!  Mindfully come home, and be a fully dedicated spouse, parent, roommate, or dog mom.  BE in the moment…play that role with awareness. 

Going to the gym?  As your hand comes into contact with the door handle, BE There!  Have full awareness of your breath, your body, your heart, and have gratitude for all that your body does.  Do not allow your mind to replay the day. 

When you enter someone’s house, or personal space, be mindful of this.  At that point, your role changes again…you are in that moment a friend, or a relative, or a guest.  Walk into that home with a kind heart.  Leave your troubles at the doorstep.  



For a good night’s sleep, as your head hits the pillow, come to realize that you are You again.  Bless the day.  Bless all the roles you played.  Bless all the people you had contact with.   You will sleep well knowing that you did your best.

If Monkey Mind tries to keep you awake rehashing the day, or planning for the next day, mindfully tell your busy mind, that, “Today is completed, and I did my best!  Tomorrow is not here yet, but when it comes, I will do my best.  Now ALL OF ME…it’s time to sleep peacefully.”


Melinda Johnston, M.Msc.: Spiritual Philosopher and Coach, Intuitive Healer, Wellness Consultant, International Speaker, Author, and Peace Activist
Author of Practicing Peace Guidebook



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