Give Away Everything you Want

Today’s lesson invokes the Law of Cause and Effect, and is actually quite simple to understand, although difficult for most of us to put into practice.

Many of us struggle trying to “get what we want,” but to obtain your desires easily and effortlessly, you must first believe that you have what you want…and such an abundance of it, that you are able to give what you want, away to others.

For example, if you want peace in your life, you must first learn engage with everything and everyone in a peaceful manner.

We remain stuck exactly where we are, when we continue to entertain limited rational minded ideas such as:

“I will feel peaceful or happy once I am finished with this project,”


“I will have peace once I know the outcome of this situation,”


“I will have peace once I make it to retirement.”

We allow ourselves to believe that peace or happiness is always somewhere in the future, and at the moment is not obtainable.  This type of belief system defies every aspect of the Law of Cause and Effect, and most certainly the Law of Attraction.


These type of belief patterns are the exact fuel Rational Mind uses to prompt you into unpleasant tasks requiring forced action. Rational Mind allows you to believe that, “If I DO this, I will have that.”  We believe that we must first DO something, so we may have the peace that we want sometime in the near to distant future.

When Rational Mind pokes and prods us to take actions that feel unpleasant, this is most certainly forced action, not inspired action.  We attempt to motivate ourselves with goal oriented ideas to support the goal such as, “no pain, no gain.”

For this reason, many of goals requiring forced action fall victim to procrastination, because actually engaging with any forced action immediately creates an experience of inner conflict. You really don’t want to engage with the task, but you want peace…however not engaging with an unpleasant task actually feels more peaceful.  Can you see the cycle?

Then, the emotional realm shows up. Inner Dialogue shifts into becoming the Inner Critic, and you become subject to feeling guilty, lazy, or perhaps incapable, and here comes the anxiety or depression.

How to move the Law of Cause and Effect through Inspired Action


If you seek Inner Peace, you must become that Peace. You must become aware of the inner peace within you, invoke it, engage with it, honor it, and allow it to work through you.  you must BE peaceful in all that you do.

Walk slowly and with peaceful intention.  Do not rush around.

Speak only kind and peaceful words.

Drive peacefully.  No road rage!

Eat peacefully.  Do not read texts and emails, or work during meals.

Dress yourself peacefully.

Smile at everyone you meet.


Applying any one of the above mentioned practices will begin to shift your day-to-day living, so that you are able to experience peace in all that you do instead of peace being a goal that might be reached in the future.

May peace become the guide for all of your actions.

Namaste’ ~ Melinda

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