Mindfulness is Awareness: The Roles we Play

Seeing the outside world as one thing, and yourself as something separate from others, is a mindset that limits your Authentic Nature.    Viewing yourself as a physical presence containing mind, body, and spirit, is an existence of individuality that can only be governed by the Rational Mind.

Out of necessity, Rational Mind as Ego, attempts to make sense of worldly phenomena and continuously strives to navigate itself through a complicated world of fluctuation, obstacles, and constant change in effort to survive, succeed, and overcome challenges.



For this reason, searching for selfhood in a realm of constant change, will always produce a different idea of who self is.  In fear and uncertainty, we cling to what we can, and when aspects of perceived selfhood begin to change or fade away, we feel that we are suffering because selfhood, the Ego’s understanding of existence is threatened.

In our best intentions…we seek approval, comfort, possessions, value and worth.

Coming into Awareness of the forces of nature unbinds the Mind, which in turn forms the bridge between the physical you and the Universal consciousness that acts through you, as you, because of you.

There is no separation between us and that…we all belong to the same cosmic soup.


Relationships: The roles we play are a Bridge between self and Self

Relationships are a perfect tool for spiritual awakening, since the reflection of relationships shows us exactly what field of knowing our consciousness is established in. Through relationships we experience our consciousness through who we love, and who repels us.

Through the roles we play in these relationships we learn what qualities in others we are attracted to…hence, the qualities we love within ourselves. On the flip-side…if some roles you play engage you with people or conditions you don’t like…what is this “place” of consciousness showing you about yourself?

Accept that whatever you perceive to be either good or bad, as simply just is…and take away any label. Learn to see every experience, in all your roles, as simple experiences in consciousness.

In balance, you will be able to accept all conditions of the mind blissfully, knowing that good and bad does not exist…those are only perceptions of a Rational Mind.

Allow all experiences to be Mirrors of Consciousness. When you come to accept all conditions as simple reflections of the Mind…you begin to heal / alter your perceptions…by which your awareness expands…by which your vibration shifts…by which, you come to exist in a new level of consciousness, at which point ALL of your life experiences begin to change to match your new level of Awareness.

Accept all that you Are. All that you have Been, and All that you are Becoming.


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