Soulfully Speaking

As each new day lifts us up into full waking consciousness, we are given a clean slate.  After all, waking up literally gives us a new day, with new potentialities, and if we claim so…the opportunity to have NEW perspectives belonging to every facet of our lives.

Waking up each morning with absolute Awareness is a KEY practice in spiritual development.

Learn to realize that upon awakening each morning, Rational Mind immediately begins telling you a story.  Or worse, perhaps Rational Mind (Ego, Inner Dialogue, Monkey Mind) automatically churns itself into a whirlpool of multiple stories, entangled with emotions of anxiety or depression, as soon as your eyes open each morning.  If so, each morning you wake up as a prisoner of your own mind.  You have lost control.

It takes practice, and constant reminding yourself each morning that what you have just acquired by simply opening your eyes,  is a brand NEW day vibrating with unlimited possibilities.  All experiences from the past are completed.  Each and every new day is quite similar to a computer re-boot: you have a new mind, a new body, and a new sense of purpose, but ONLY if you ALLOW yourself to RECEIVE this daily blessing.


Learn to Master the first 180 seconds of each new day…


The first 3 minutes of each new day sets the tone or the frequency for the entire day.  Learning to become aware (mindful) of what you are feeling, thinking, and saying will allow you to realize if you have strapped yourself to yesterday’s problems, concerns, habits of the mind, or… if you are willing to welcome a higher mindset, which aligns you with everything a new day promises.

Learn to realize what you are FEELING.  Check in with yourself to realize what it is exactly that you are feeling?   Do you feel happy, peaceful, tired, overwhelmed, anxious?   Notice the feeling, and ask yourself, “Is this how I want to FEEL today?”   If you are feeling great, then yes…declare for yourself it is going to be a GREAT day.  If not, then sit with the feeling, accept it, but then tell it, “Today I choose to FEEL great!”  Or choose a word that best describes how you do wish to feel such as” peaceful, kind, confident, loving, stable…etc.

Learn to realize what you are THINKING.  Learn to witness your thoughts as well in the first 3 minutes of each day.  Are you thinking it is going to be a long day?  A hard or demanding day?   Realize what it is that you are thinking, and then choose how you want the day to BE.  Steady your mind to agree with what it is you actually WANT. Learn to choose wisely for yourself in these first few minutes of waking consciousness.  Choose a fun or fulfilling day, and declare that for yourself.

Lastly, learn to realize what you are SPEAKING! The words that come out of our mouth are binding “contracts” with the Absolute.  Just as the spiritual texts inform us, “As a man thinkest, he becomes,” the creative Word is binding.  What you speakest, will be your experience.  Use your words to only speak of good, beautiful, glorious things.

This is a difficult practice for beginners.  The contents belonging to Rational Mind, are either always judging a situation, or feeling victimized by a situation.  Rational Mind has deeply ingrained beliefs that rise up from the subconscious mind.  When we feel threatened in anyway, we speak out with anger or fear, or anxiety.

Soulfully Speaking, we allow ourselves the space to realize what Rational Mind might be thinking, and what the subconscious mind might be feeling, yet…we guard our words. 

Be kind to yourself as you begin to practice waking up mindfully, and learn to master the first few minutes of each day.  This is a development process that will take some time, but will have everlasting affects.

May peace become you ~ Melinda


Melinda Johnston, M.Msc.: Spiritual Philosopher and Coach, Intuitive Healer, Wellness Consultant, International Speaker, Author, and Peace Activist
Author of Practicing Peace Guidebook



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