The Illusion of Addiction

Have you become your addiction, or has your addiction become You?

In this view, both are non-realities. The condition may seem to be, but according the Yoga Sciences, this is merely an illusion produced by the perceptions of the mind.

If you, or anyone you know currently struggles with addiction, yes…chemical shifts have occurred in the physical body, which can make change difficult through modern day treatment programs, but otherwise, the root cause of the addition belongs to a mind pattern (belief system) deeply buried in subconscious.


Meditation and Mindfulness are pathways for finding the root cause for the addition. Once discovered, it becomes quite easy to simply walk away from the addictive behavior…it becomes no longer needed.

In fact, once discovered, and brought into the light of reality, the patterns of the mind that have supported the addition, simply fade away on their own, and do not return.

You, as a Body of Consciousness

Any sense of mental or emotional suffering belongs to the false identification between Ahamkara (Ego, Rational Mind, idea of me, mine, and I) and the impressions of the Mind that are stored as memories, Chitta.

By practicing meditation and pranayama, (observed breathing) you are able to witness the full mind, which then includes your higher mind of wisdom, known as the Buddhi.

The Buddhi is able to know, decide, judge, and discriminate the habits of the mind, the memories that have been gathered through your lifetime, and emotions that are entangled with the memories.

In the higher mind, there is no place for “labels” and self-judgment, and you become released you from your mistaken identity with the Body and its mode of non-self.  The non-self is your storehouse of limiting belief systems, habits, patterns, all of which are deeply buried within the subconscious and are aligned with the type of emotions most of us wish to escape from.

Once you have your own direct experience of the subconscious and all that is stored there, you will come to the self-realization that a Ghost has been “driving the machine.”

The ghost is the illusion, your past self perceptions have been an illusion.


The process for purifying the mind and obtaining Freedom, is done in kindness as your re-train both the Rational and Subconscious mind. The practice is to train mind to go beyond itself, so that the lower aspects of the mind become aware through experience that your true Reality lies beyond your perceptions, beyond all labels and judgment.  Your true nature has no limitations, and is not bound by anything or to anything.  Your true nature is Free, and you Dear One…are That!

I invite you to go inward and SEE for yourself.  The inward journey is the only path to Freedom and for coming to know who you really Are now, who you always have been, and who you are becoming.

Namaste’ ~ Melinda



melinda-circleMelinda Johnston, M.Msc.
Melinda Johnston, M.Msc. Spiritual Philosopher and Coach, Intuitive Healer, Wellness Consultant, International Author and Speaker, Peace Activist

Melinda has over 25 years of study and practice in religious culture, practical philosophical, metaphysical sciences and understanding for the historical “webs” of human history. Because she is well versed in multiple facets of religious and sacred philosophy, including the Eastern philosophies of Buddhism and Vedanta, Metaphysical consciousness, and the Science of Yoga, her gentle teaching method allows one’s self knowledge to expand to deeper level, naturally.

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