This Present Moment: Mindfulness in Action

Mindfulness is the practice of being aware and conscious in our day to day living.  Yes, Mindfulness is meditation in action.

Meditation practice is the time you set aside for cultivating Stillness so you may rise into awareness as the Observer of the mind.  Through consistent meditation practice, you develop and train the mind to experience Awareness in your daily activities.




Meditation and Mindfulness are 2 sides of the same coin.


In Mindfulness you become aware of all conditions of the present moment, and accept those conditions as simply “experiences.”   The experiences do not define you, nor do they define anyone else.

Experiences have no value.

Life experiences are simply YOU, a spiritual being in human form, participating in a 3-dimensional realm of existence.  Your body allows you to navigate the conditions of existing  in a constantly changing world, which is governed by the Laws of Nature.

Life experiences are events for you to Witness and develop from.   These experiences have no meaning or value, until you give them meaning.   For example, an untrained mind will label experiences as being “good” or “bad” based on the perceptions of Rational Mind.

Who is to say what is Good or Bad?

The moment you label it, the experience becomes That, which you have named.  This condition of the mind incorporates Free Will, and from this, You are a Masterful Creator.

If you name an experience as good, then your belief pattern is set.  On the flip-side, when you label an experience as bad, your entire state of consciousness becomes altered to match that belief system.

In mindfulness, you learn to allow conditions of the mind to rise and fall, while not taking anything personally. You learn to Witness the conditions of the mind, while maintaining a mental and emotional state of equanimity.

Learning how to apply Mindfulness into your daily living, does not mean that you no longer think about the past or future.

Your Inner Dialogue will still be quite active.  The reward of the practice is Awareness.  In Awareness, you have the opportunity to choose your next thought, choose your emotion, and choose your response.

In this way you begin to Master the Inner Dialogue.

Mindfulness practice will incorporate Meditation practice within it.  The stillness and peace of Mind cultivated in meditation, WILL begin to seep into your daily activities through present moment Awareness.

In this view, Mindfulness is the bridge between our Inner and Outer Worlds!

Awareness is the bridge, or the yoga, that joins of what seems like 2 different minds, into One Mind of peace, balance, purpose, and clarity.

May you Be this Peace. 



melinda-circleMelinda Johnston, M.Msc.
Spiritual Philosopher and Coach, Intuitive Healer, Wellness Consultant

Melinda has over 25 years of study and practice in religious culture, practical philosophical, metaphysical sciences and understanding for the historical “webs” of human history. Because she is well versed in multiple facets of religious and sacred philosophy, including the Eastern philosophies of Buddhism and Vedanta, Metaphysical consciousness, and the Science of Yoga, her gentle teaching method allows one’s self knowledge to expand to deeper level, naturally.

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  • Lisa Cashmere April 14, 2016, 11:00 am

    HI Melinda. My sister in law received your prayer and meditation book and thought the verses were so beautiful. She is very ill and it w emotionally and spiritually just from reading your wonderful book. I wish you well and appreciate your wisdom and love!

    • Melinda April 14, 2016, 12:24 pm

      Lisa, thank you for your kind words and feedback. I will keep your sister-in-law in my prayers so she may continue to heal in body, spirit. Much Love to you, Melinda