Teaching Peace. Being Peace. Practicing Peace in all that we Do.


Obtaining inner peace rewards each individual with Freedom.   As more and more individuals learn to establish themselves in equanimity, a state of unwaivering peace, world peace will become a reality.


The Buddhi Institute teaches students and clients how to find this peace, and then how to share the peace they have found with others.  In short, PEACE is the practice…and self mastery is achieved once you know how to do all things, say all things, and engage with all beings peacefully.


PEACE-BOOK-COVER-RED-3D-300I wrote the Practicing Peace Guidebook so that it may be a gift to the world as many of us work together to cultivate peace within ourselves.  Breath by breath, step by step…practicing peace by one person becomes the peace experienced by many.


Proceeds from the sales of Practicing Peace Guidebook support the start up operations of PEACE Pray LOVE, a network for global peace projects.


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PEACE Pray LOVE offers:


Peace training to groups, organizations, and individuals who are ready to BE the change in the world.


Easy communication between all existing peace organizations to enable and expand the operations of organizations into a unified force.


Global events for non-violent Peace Keeping



Peace begins within…


PPG-CHOOSE-PEACEThe purpose of Practicing Peace Guidebook is to unite all people around the world collectively.


Offering 31 daily meditations, we all practice the meditation suggested for each day of the month.

As peace keepers, we will all “be on the same page” each and every day of the year as we come into our daily times of prayer, contemplation and reflections for peace using the guidebook.  Together, we become of one mind, as we cultivate our own inner peace, and reflect on peace for all beings.

The practices establish you inside self-awareness through engaging with prayers, meditations and philosophies from a variety of cultures and spiritual traditions.

This Guidebook is an excellent resource for yoga instructors, meditation groups, classes and organizations.

Discounts offered for 10 or more books.   Call 585-857-8828 for details. 



Be ONE of 2 Million…


We have a dream!   Imagine… 2 million people meditating on peace daily.  


We envision 2 million people being united as ONE by 2020, which will fund the development of PEACE Pray Love’s Peace Center.


Help us reach our 2017 goal of 63,000 copies sold, so we may begin full development operations at the start of 2018.



May Peace be our guide.  

When weary, may the practice of peace be the comfort we seek.

May Peace teach us to seek peace in the hearts of all beings.

In peace, may we always speak well of all peoples, even when not in our presence. 

May we become a Light for others.

May we always treat all beings with Loving-Kindness.

May we bring Joy to the hearts and minds of all.  

May our eyes shine with Peace. 



melinda-circleAbout the Founder

Melinda Johnston, M.Msc. Spiritual Philosopher and Coach, Intuitive Healer, Wellness Consultant, Peace Activist, International Speaker, and Author

Melinda has over 25 years of study and practice in religious culture, practical philosophical, metaphysical sciences and understanding for the historical “webs” of human history, which have impacted most of our modern religions and spiritual practices.

“I created this guidebook for all Peace Keepers…wherever each of us may be on our Spiritual Path.  So many of my clients have asked for prayer and meditation suggestions that will help to establish both Inner and Outer Peace. 

It is my absolute pleasure to provide the Practicing Peace Guidebook. May you Be the Peace that you Seek.  May we All become peaceful with each other in all that we do.”

Namaste’ ~ Melinda