Wellness Coaching and Spiritual Development…

In one-to-one coaching, you learn to calm the Inner Dialogue and overcome limitations of the mind. In a new place of awareness, previous conditions belonging to anxiety, depression, self-doubt and stress fade away as wisdom rises.

Your customized coaching program will offer you weekly or bi-monthly private sessions, from which you will learn simple healing techniques that will gently guide you into finding the absolute harmony that already lies within you. Simply. Beautifully.

The reward of awareness is Freedom.   Awareness leads you into Inspired Action, which establishes a foundation of Joy in all activities, relationships and life experiences.

Now is the time to live inside a peaceful mind, and from heart center so you expand into your fullest potential.

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Private Sessions and Training


Private Coaching AppointmentsPrivate Coaching
[$75 per Session – 1 hour]
Are you ready to deepen your understanding of past habits and life experiences? Settle the whirlpools of the mind, and learn to overcome and master the emotions.



Paths and Programs


focus-2017-product-298x300Focus 2017: Identify your Goals  | 6 Sessions
[$480  – 6 Sessions in person or Skype]

Learn how to apply Mindfulness into every area of your life in 6 private one-on-one sessions.  Your customized private training will help you set the foundation for your goals and plans so your successes are achieved with ease and in Joy…



FREEDOM-ADDICTIONFreedom from Addictions

Have you been in and out of recovery programs, and still struggle with addiction? You will absolutely learn a variety of techniques to discover the root cause for the habitual patterns of your mind. Payment plans available.

40 Day Coached ProgramsFearless Freedom 

If you find yourself in repetitive patterns and constant fluctuations of the mind, this 8-week private coaching program will bring you into balance and clarity. Release yourself from anxiety, depression, and other troubling emotions.


PURPLE-BUDDHAAwaken into SuperConsciousness

In this 16-Week practice, your emotions become your best inner guide.  Learn to make peace with all your thoughts, and all emotions.   In acceptance comes clarity.  This profound state of mind brings you into a blissful freedom…




emotional-eyeAbsolute Transformation

This extended program will guide you through each area of your life, so that all aspects of Self become cultivated to their Highest Potential…


Global Connection

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Our students are all over the world!

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After my experience with the 108-Day Wisdom Journey, I can honestly say that for the first time in my life...I AM experiencing unshakeable Peace. This is quite remarkable since I am 70 years old now. I simply feel Peace. Thank you for showing me how to find it. ~ Carol F.

40-Days of practicing The Art of Allowing...ha, everything is so simple now. I just "get it." I really, really do. Nothing disturbs my mind. I KNOW that now. ~ Ashley G.

I have never been able to settle my mind. I am a worrier. But now, I settle in, Observe my mental landscape, and clarity paves the way. I see things now that I never could have before I learned to befriend the mental chatter. ~ Sandy


Private Appointments  


At a Crossroads? 

Is there a feeling of a constant "stir" in your emotions or thoughts?

Private Appointments are excellent for:

Recovery or Addiction
Learning to Master the Inner Dialogue
Relationship Building
Meditation Practice
Deepening your Spiritual Practice
Applying Yoga Philosophy to Daily Living
Feelings of Anxiety or Depression
Developing Mindfulness and Insight
Self Empowerment


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