Spiritual Journeys and Retreats

Authentic spiritual and cultural journeys for small groups of 12 or less.  More than an ordinary yoga or meditation retreat…these opportunities allow for deep immersions into the Self, yet provide you also with the simplicity of just being.

Buddhi Institute spiritual journeys and retreats offer you the opportunity to experience the best of who you are, with people of like mind, and also diverse spiritual people all over the world.
Our trips do not require you to maintain a schedule.  Sleep late if you want.  Eat when you want. Enjoy group activities, or stay in your hammock and enjoy the present moment.
We invite you to re-discover your Authentic Self as you join us in these sacred journeys.


Upcoming Retreats



Women’s Spiritual Journey
Peace, Pray, Love Retreat

August 20-31, 2018


Embrace a variety of sacred experiences through sacred yoga and meditation practices, healing in sacred Ayurvedic spa treatments, and enrich your spirit with cultural immersion eon this women’s retreat in Bali, the Island of the Gods. This is an authentic and unique journey of mind, body and spirit.





Finger Lakes, NY

Women’s Weekend
Inner Peace Retreat

November 3-5, 2018

This retreat is about embracing our own inner landscape…the mind, the emotions, the spirit… and aligning all aspects of self with the Peace belonging to our authentic Self.

This retreat date was purposely selected because on this first weekend in November, the time “changes.” The clocks “fall back” one hour, and our days suddenly become shorter, and the nights feel longer. This is this season for going inward…waiting for the winter solstice, and days of more Light.

During the 6-weeks between November 4th and December 21st… it is human nature to seek solitude, to journey inward and rest. This desire follows the path of nature. However, this is also the holiday season, therefore we are invited to parties, events, there is shopping to do…etc.



Buddhi BuddhaSave the Date

Gandhi Legacy Tour in India

January 3-17, 2019

An authentic journey to India with Arun Gandhi and Tushar Gandhi, following the footsteps of Arun’s grandfather.   Meet many locals inspired by Gandhi to Be the change they wish to see in the world.


Discover your Inner Wisdom

We all have the power to choose what we want to think, and what power we will give to each thought. 

Awakening is learning to master the idle thoughts that create the mental chatter of our minds as we walk around in our on-going states of unawareness.

Your Inner Dialogue performs as either an untamed beast, or as a shape-shifter of pure potentiality orchestrating the life you want to live.