Absolute Transformation

$7,560.00 $6,800.00

9-Months of Private Coaching. Discover your authentic Self.  Achieve all your desires. 

Payment plans available. Weekly meetings are either in person, by telephone or Skype,



This is an intense commitment available for those interested in a dedicated practice on all levels of mind, body, and spirit…a process that Awakens the Divine Self.  A full inward personal journey designed to guide you to your highest Inner Wisdom, and will be the most transformative experience you have ever embraced.

Your journey of Absolute Transformation will therefore consist of 26 Wisdom Practices, all of which are 40-Days in length, while also providing you with personal coaching for 9-months during this dedicated spiritual and healing practice.

We will discuss deep concepts and questions.   You will learn to apply Spiritual Practices to every aspect of your life.  You will expand in both mind and spirit.  You will master the Inner Dialogue. You will learn to see with the Heart.  You will embrace life with both passion and Joy.

Life patterns that have been a hindrance will fade away.  You will leave behind expectations of Hope, and desires that belong to Believing, and come to a place of Knowing.  Living in your full potential as your Highest Self is a place of personal realization, and the result is a constant, unshakable Peace.

Your 9 –Month Transformation Program Includes:

buddhi sun (40) Private Coaching Sessions

buddhi sun (6) Six Customized Guided Wisdom Practice Workbooks

buddhi sun (20) Wisdom Practices from the Learning Library

buddhi sun 28 Day Meditation Training Program

buddhi sun Weekly Inspiration and all Materials


This program is offers you 40 private coaching sessions, and 6 customized Wisdom Practices, but…also access to the full Learning Library. If properly practiced, this is a 1008-Day Journey and is DEEPLY transformative.

You may study at your own pace, and spread the coaching sessions out as needed.


buddhi-hearing wisdom within

YOU WILL CHANGE dramatically, during this
quest as you come to realize who you ARE!


For that reason, it is impossible to plan ahead now…what your studies may need to be. This is the complete surrender to the Journey Within, along the way with a guide who has been there and who knows what the mental monsters are, what turbulent emotions are and how to release them gently and easily.

If you have wanted to not learn about, but KNOW your personal Infinite Self….this course is the ultimate commitment.

This program generally requires at least one consultation prior to beginning. Some students have preferred to engage in one 40-Day Guided Practice before committing. That is acceptable, and the 9-Month Transformation Program will be pro-rated to discount the first 40-Day Practice of your choice.

Call and speak to a human! 1.585.672.5250

We enjoy connecting, and this is not an automated online business.

We work with our students on a very personal one to one basis. If you are ready to begin a Spiritual Path and have no idea how to take that first step…Call! Please leave a message if we’re busy, we will get right back to you.


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