Awaken into SuperConsciousness


Beyond the chaos and noise of the five senses lies the mind’s intuitive power.

Payment plans available. Weekly meetings are either in person, by telephone or Skype,




Are you willing and ready to let go of all that has been limiting you?


In this 4-month (16) week, coaching program you learn the root cause for any and all limiting mental patterns, release them, and come into a new level of higher living known as Super Consciousness.


This program has been very successful for those who have wanted to walk away from old habits and patterns or old limiting beliefs of self-hood, to rise into a new realm of empowered reasoning that is in alignment with one’s true nature.

As a result, a new state of consciousness becomes your guide.   You will experience and come to KNOW a new mental landscape known in the Yoga Sciences as “buddhi,” which is the highest form of illuminated intelligence…it is perfect Awareness.

Weekly meetings are either in person, by telephone or Skype.


Authentic Wisdom Teachings 

This is not a pre-written, “cookie-cutter” online, or downloaded program that you are expected to work on, or apply to your life on your own.

Your 4-month coaching program is customized to your level of current spiritual practice and self-understanding.

A process similar to the Socratic Method, you are guided to discover and then enable your own source of Inner Wisdom, setting you on a path for complete peace, wisdom and inner joy.

Socratic method, is named after the classical Greek philosopher Socrates. It is a form of inquiry and discussion between individuals, (normally teacher and student) based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to illuminate ideas.



Awaken into Super Consciousness includes:

  • (16)  Private Coaching Sessions, scheduled weekly. 1.5 hours each
  • Customized Meditation Practice with Instruction.
  • Weekly Inspiration specific to your quest.
  • Any and all printed materials needed for teaching and training.
  • Wellness Consultation for Mind, Body, Spirit assessment.
  • Diet plan based on your Dosha
  • Lifestyle guide to match your Dosha
  • Training for balancing all aspects of Mind, Body, Spirit
  • 7 Modules for Success designed for your goals




Questions??  Call 585-672-5250

Buddhi Institute: Embrace your Journey Within



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