Freedom from Life Patterns

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Do your “default” patterns and ingrained living habits pull you off your path?  

Payment plans available. Weekly meetings are either in person, by telephone or Skype.



This mastery program will carry you through the process of making positive changes, and get you to where you want to Be.


Have you ever wanted a clean slate?

Have you come to realize that no matter what you find yourself in the same life patterns?  Or do you notice certain triggers still have the ability to pull you back into habits of worry, and self-doubt? Does your mind become frozen with uncertainty because you don’t want to repeat similar past experiences when new experiences are offered to you?

Do you currently feel stuck, and just want a clean slate to start all over again?

This customized coaching program offers you that clean slate. 

This Mastery Program includes 8 person-to-person weekly coaching sessions, which will absolutely guide you to discover the root cause of life patterns that are buried in the subconscious mind.

This type of discovery provides you with the understanding for how the patterns formed, how to release them, and how to begin life anew. 

Buddhi Institute personal development programs are not pre-written, “cookie-cutter” products, in which you are expected to follow a system.   This Mastery Program is customized to where you are on the course of life experience, and what you wish to gain.

Sessions are 1.5 hours each, and are held either in person, by telephone, or Skype.

This Mastery Program includes a total of 8 appointments. 

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Your 8 Week Mastery Program Includes:

  • A customized workbook and personal learning materials for your program and wisdom practices.
  • (8) Eight Private Coaching Sessions, 1.5 hours each formatted as: 1 first consultation, 6 weekly appointments during the program, and 1 final appointment to close the program.
  • Meditation Practices and Wisdom Instruction.
  • Weekly Inspiration specific to your quest.



Clarity through the Wisdom of the Yoga Sciences

You were born with an inner guidance system that tells you when you are on or off purpose by the amount of joy you are experiencing.

IA-womanAll of us tend to work with expectations in mind: we work hard in our jobs to get respect and appreciation from our colleagues and promotions from the boss. We clean our yards and make them lovely with the hope that our neighbors will be appreciative if not downright envious. We work hard in school to get good grades, anticipating that this will bring us a fine future. We cook a splendid meal with the expectation that it will be received with plaudits and praise. We dress nicely in anticipation of someone’s appreciation. So much of our lives is run simply in expectation of future results that we do it automatically, unconsciously.

This, however, is a perilous pattern. From a spiritual viewpoint, all these expectations and anticipations are Trojan horses that will bring us misery either sooner or later.

Shift, and come into the absolute freedom that only Inspired Action can offer you. 


During your 8-Week Session you will learn…

Mindfulness is the practice of being aware and conscious in our day to day living. This level of awareness increases as an unbinding of the mind develops.

Do you become distracted by expectations from others, or forget your own personal goals?Are your actions inspired by Love or Fear? Many times we engage in activities from a “woulda,” “coulda,” “shoulda” mindset or through a fear driven force adhered to expectations from others. Let’s identify what you really want to experience in your life, and remove mental limitations keeping you from honoring your Highest Nature.

How many tasks end up on your weekly “To Do” Lists? Many times, we believe a packed list motivates or drives our inner sense of purpose. However, these lists are often our own roadblock to happiness. This week we learn to invoke the Law of Least Effort, and by doing so, our Higher Purpose becomes realized.

Let’s face it…Real Change can be scary, even if our soul is crying out for it. This week we free those monsters in a place of Love and Compassion, which melts them away. Once the monsters vanish, you are ready for Take Off!!

Your Higher Self is so ready to serve humanity! Each of us have a unique gift to share. By opening “channels” to allow this expression of Self to come forward, your fullest potential becomes realized and manifests in the Here and the Now.

Imagine…your actions are now inspired by your Highest Purpose. By the Law of Least Effort practiced over the past month, you engage in actions while embraced in a state of complete Knowing. Uncertainty is a “place” of the past.

Now your intentions are balanced with your True Nature. As this course ends, you are now participating in life with ease and joy. Flow and ebb are no longer disturbances or distractions to your mind. Your actions are perfectly aligned so that your Cosmic Dance continues to be your own source of Inspiration.

Meditation practice will open you up to self-compassion. This is a beautiful state of loving oneself, from which you gain perfect clarity into your True Nature, what your passions are, and how to fully express yourself in all areas of your life.


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