Listening to Your Inner Wisdom


Engaged Listening is the bridge to the wisdom within.

Learn how to really Hear your own inner wisdom.

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God speaks to us every day only we don’t know how to listen. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

listening-ssListening involves attention, being present, and hospitality. It is a component of devotion, nurturing, and wonder.

Listening is our bridge to the wisdom within, and all around us. It is an essential part of the discernment process whereby we identify with the messages the Universe has for us. Listening enables us to tune in to others… and our inner voices of intuition and conscience, but it takes practice to be a really good listener.

In a universe where so many things are speaking to us on so many levels, it is not wise to ignore the voices.

In this 40-Day Self Study practice you listen with all your mindfulness and concentration to others as they speak. This compassionate practice gives someone a chance to speak out.


What You Can Expect to Experience Within

fb sunInward, this practice better enables you to HEAR your own voice in a more profound way. The art of Listening will expand you in a compassionate way both outward and inward.

fb sunBe prepared to recognize the “mirror” you will be shown….because by simply listening these next 40-Days, you will HEAR out loud the Inner Voice of every person’s Monkey Mind….which will in turn show you front and center the similar perceptions, and critical voices found within your own Monkey Mind.

fb sunBy giving others only attention and kindness, your practice of Observing your own Mind, will expand to a deeper level of Self-Realization.


What You Can Expect to Receive from this Course

buddhi-butterfly-newLinks for Workbook and course materials. If you prefer print copies of the workbook and materials, we will happily mail to you for an additional $22.

buddhi-butterfly-newPractical applications to experience Authentic Listening, so you become more aware of your own Inner Wisdom.

buddhi-butterfly-newDeep Listening, allows you to obtain discernment and peace, which eliminates anxiety.

buddhi-butterfly-newDeep Listening expands your Awareness and ability to hold compassion for yourself and others.

buddhi-butterfly-newLearn to recognize the unlimited possibilities contained within your own mental landscape.

buddhi-butterfly-newLearn to eliminate the constant chattering of your own mind.

buddhi-butterfly-newReceive Inspirational Emails throughout these 40 Days