Mindfulness Training


Authentic Mindfulness creates a life of fullness and inner peace.

This course gives you daily applications to bring into your day to day living so that the practice becomes who you are by means of actual experience.



Mindfulness is Meditation in Action

mindfulness-dadAt Buddhi Institute, we believe in sacred Simplicity. For this reason, the practices you engage in will be simple and repetitive, but more advanced as you move through the 40-Day practice.

Mindfulness Training is learning to settle the mind, by reducing the constant chatter of the mind.  You must find comfort in this place of Simplicity so that the busy-ness of Rational Mind becomes still enough for your own inner Awareness to come into Knowing.

Mindfulness Training, is retraining the mind so your Higher Wisdom may become your guide instead of being a silent, unknown part of your existence.  This Awareness must be cultivated. Imagine trying to plant seeds in a field in the middle of a hurricane.  See the analogy?


What You Can Expect to Receive and Experience

buddhi-butterfly-newLinks for Workbook and course materials. If you prefer print copies of the workbook and materials, we will happily mail to you for an additional $22.

buddhi-butterfly-newPractical applications to expand your inner Awareness in each moment.

buddhi-butterfly-newEliminate the Inner Dialogue of “woulda, coulda, shoulda,” to remain focused in every present moment activity.

buddhi-butterfly-newLearn Mantras for focus and balance in work and leisure.

buddhi-butterfly-newDevelop an unshakable Peace in the mind, and express this outward.

buddhi-butterfly-newEnhance your clarity as you actively apply the personal wisdom gained in this course into your full Self as Being of Mind, Body and Spirit.

buddhi-butterfly-newReceive Inspirational Emails throughout these 40 Days

buddhi-butterfly-newLearn the art of Allowing and Acceptance.

buddhi-butterfly-newExpand inward and outward in Compassion and Awareness.

buddhi-butterfly-newBe fully present at work, with family, and day to day activities.