Your Chakras and Consciousness



Higher States of Consciousness are Within

In the Yoga Sciences, chakras are considered to be the most important energy spots in the body. It’s said that when the chakras are aligned, there is natural balance achieved that cannot be found any other way.

Alignment of the chakras leads to the highest forms of self-expression, inner contentment, and expanded awareness found in higher realms of consciousness.


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What to Expect from this course…

absolute-transformation-spaceYour body is an energetic system through which the universal life force flows.

In the yoga sciences, the body is said to have a total of 114 chakras, or energy points, that need to be balanced in order for enlightenment to occur.

Of those 114, two are outside the body (and so outside your reach), and out of the remaining 112, four of them don’t need to be thought about because they simply follow the rest of the energy flow.

This means that there are 108 subtle chakras in the body. However, most of us are aware or familiar with the 7 Chakras that the Schools of Healing Energy focus on, but in total there are 108.

In expanded Awareness, you become your own Vortex of Life once you learn how to master your Chakras as your energetic centers of consciousness.

Course price includes 6 weekly meetings, a workbook of printed materials, and all teachings.  Limited to 12 participants. 



Course Highlights…

impeccable-truthWEEK ONE:  The Chakras as Consciousness
Our human experience allows us to experience awareness of ourselves, to think, reflect, discern and rationalize.   However, awareness also allows us to shift into higher realms of consciousness, to experiences different states of Being-ness.  Our chakra systems are vortexes of consciousness that vibrate at the frequencies, which align with either divine wellness, the or earthly conditions we have become conditioned to.  Through awareness, you shift into your higher realms of potential.


absolute-transformation-spaceWEEK TWO:  Energy AS Awareness
Learn to strengthen you auric fields and cultivate awareness of your of seven dimensions of consciousness.  Each dimension has certain properties, frequencies, vibrations and sounds.   Come to know exact methods for channeling energy through your body.  Understand your auric fields, their function, their boundaries, and how to expand inward and outward.


walk-your-talkWEEK THREE:  The Worlds of YOU
Learn to interpret your Inner Worlds.  The world of Spirit, the world of intellect, the world of soul…mind…the seven dimensions of your Being-ness.  When in alignment, you come to experience all seven dimensions simultaneously.


light-energyWEEK FOUR:  Activating your Human Energy System
The yoga sciences offer exact methods for activating your entire energy system.  We practice activating the seven major chakras and also come to experience the 8th and 13th Chakra systems.


eye-in-cloudsWEEK FIVE:  Releasing Personas 
Personas are complex subfields  of qualified energy that express individual qualities belonging to mind and ego.   Personas can become trapped in the energy bodies, and will influence you generally in a negative way.  These personas are tamasic in nature and will function at the lowest vibrations causing you to experience qualities such as: need, cravings, anxiety, nervousness, confusion, and many other limited conditions, which block authentic desires, emotions, and higher states of well-being.


Rooted in PeaceWEEK SIX:  Articulating Vibration and Frequency
Learn how to articulate sound, vibration and frquency to align and unify with the entirety of your energy systems, which in turn opens up all dimensions of your inner awareness. The vibration of everything, the All,  is experienced in non-duality, and is the seat of your highest self, your innermost essence.  Traveling through the seven levels of consciousness as vibration is the course for traveling through your own body, and into a realm of pure consciousness.  The path to enlightenment is within.  Now you have the knowledge to access this journey in an authentic level of awareness.



How to Register for this course…

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