Vedic Meditation: Chakra Balancing


Saturday mornings 10 am – 11 am
Begins September 29, 2018
Learn about the interlink between consciousness, energy and the creative process.  Masterfully activate your Higher Portals of wisdom by understanding your Chakra System.   Includes workbook and printed materials.



Location: 18 Harvard Street, Rochester NY
15512638 - om sign with buddhist hands.Learn about the interlink between consciousness, energy and the creative process.  Masterfully activate your Higher Portals of wisdom by understanding your Chakra System.
This session we review the first 6 Chakras, and also expand into higher realms of consciousness as we also explore higher frequencies of consciousness found inside the 7th and 8th Chakras as taught by the Vedic Philosophies.
The first chakra group (1-3) assist you with your development in regards to your physical existence and human experience.  These portals house the unconscious, subconscious and Rational Mind.
The higher chakras (4-6) function in a frequency that allows you to pull your consciouses, awareness, and well-being into powerful realms of existence.  Your awareness is moved away from the needs and desires for your own physical self as you begin to expand the expression of You to encompass a larger cosmic reality activated from Heart Chakra.
Beyond the energies belonging to root chakra, sacral chakra, and solar plexus, you transcend common limitations of the mind such as anxiety, depression, doubt, fear of the unknown.  As Heart Chakra opens and heals, compassion for yourself and others rises.  As you live from this “place” 5th Chakra (Throat Chakra) aligns and balances so you become a master of the spoken work.  Expressing oneself truthfully and from kindness, a new reality becomes known, and 6th Chakra, (Third-Eye) becomes the guide for all thought, insight, clarity, peace and wisdom.
Finally, you will also learn and experience yourself inside the wisdom of the 7th chakra, and the less known 8th chakra.  The potenialty available in these realms, once mastered, offers you wisdom of Akasha, (your soul’s purpose,) and absolute healing of mind, body and spirit into your cellular level.
The practices taught in this course will explore easy sitting or reclined yoga poses, pranayama (advanced breathing techniques,) mudra ( hand and body gestures,) and sound healing by use of mantra.



Course Highlights

absolute-transformation-spaceWEEK ONE:  Raising the Root Chakra into 6th dimension Awareness
Learn how to expand yourself into the Wisdom above and the Grounding below.  Explore meditation practices for activating the healing of Root Chakra through vibration of 6th dimensional awareness.  These two chakras naturally aid each other.  For example, each of us often experience sudden “a ha”moments of clarity from time to time, and also have days in which we are full of confidence and energy.  However, we don’t seem to know why some days we feel great, and some days not so great.  These surges of energy and insight seem fleeting, and random.  By mastering the alignment of these two Chakras you will learn how to pull in the energy and insight you need from above, and also how to pull up energy into your body for constant support.  The wisdom of the 6th chakra is aided by Akasha, and the support of the root chakra is aided by earth energy.
35817132 - vector energy scheme of human body with chakras and channelsWEEK TWO:  Going Inward  |  The relationships of the Throat and Sacral Chakras
Most of us experience repeated patterns in our lives due to the blockage of the 2nd and 5th chakra.  This is a complicated relationship that must be understood and mastered so you can achieve absolute balance and harmony in mind, body and spirit.   This week you will learn of this relationship, and begin open and expand each into their potential conditions of wholeness.  The 2nd chakra is our subconscious state of perceptions and emotions. The 5th chakra (Throat chakra) allows us to express ourselves in this world.  When the emotions are wavering, unsettled, and unpredictable, you cannot speak your authentic Truth.  The words you speak, create your reality.   2nd Chakra (sacral chakra) healing MUST occur, prior to you becoming aligned iwth your authentic truth and full potentiality for living your soul’s purpose.
chakra-throatWEEK THREE: Navigating the Emotions
Our Rational Mind is greatly influenced by our emotional system, and it of course makes logical sense to gravitate toward feeling wonderful instead of experiencing emotions that lead us into temporary states of anxiety, depression or overwhelm.  However our emotions are actually story tellers, and by listening the Story, we become free of it. This week is a deeper immersion into the depths of the 2nd Chakra and balancing it through the power of vibration belonging to the 5th chakra…our Voice.
astrology_sunWEEK FOUR: Merging your Center
Do you ever experience the battle between Heart and Mind, and wonder what the right course of action is?  Many of us experience ideas or the desire to take leaps of faith into possible new careers, relationships, or making changes in our lives.  Yet some aspect of mind talks you out of such a leap because it does not make logical sense.   These types of dilemmas are caused by the limitation of Rational Mind (3rd Chakra) trying to overrule the joyful potentialities that Heart Chakra is aware of.  Learn how to drop the limitations belonging to Ego and the Rational Mind.  Learn the power of living from Heart Center in all that you do.
21639483 - time and quantum physicsWEEK FIVE: Akasha and the Guru Principle
We reach the bridge to Divine Consciousness as we come back to the 6th Chakra.  This portal of potentiality is offered called the Guru Principle.  In the Hindu Chakra tradition this place is called Agna, which translates to mean: Seat of the Master.  Also referred to as the Third Eye, this is the Gateway into Divine Wisdom.  Until you become anchored in this vortex of wisdom, your will continue to fluctuate within all the lower chakras.  The mind must become Steady in this seat of Wisdom.
Walk-talk-cosmosWEEK SIX: Ascension into Cosmos
Finally, we come to experience the Crown chakra.  It is the source of creation, the pure light and one reality, and is unlimited.  This consciousness has no beginning and no end…it is the source of all things.  In deep meditation, many have become one with the realm, however our goal for this session is to simply become aware of it as we learn to settle into a transcended state of Stillness.   Once achieved, you may enter another state of potentiality, the 8th Chakra.  When mastered, you will have achieved aligning your physical existence with the highest state of potential wellness.  In the Yoga Tradition, this chakra is known as the “Fountain of Youth.”


What to Expect…

Our cozy location provides us with yoga bolsters and blankets so we are able to enjoy our meditation practices while engaged in restorative yoga poses.
Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing.
Please arrive on time so that group meditation experiences are not disturbed.


harvard street wellness

Each week, there will be a short teaching from the Yoga Sciences and Philosophies, followed by a guided group meditation practice.


This course also offers you a guidebook and meditation practices to engage with each week as you cultivate a regular practice at home.



How to Register for this class…

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