Living your Spiritual Path

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Embrace and renew your dedication to your Spiritual Practice during this Holiday Season and into the New Year. Anchor yourself within your core of innate Wisdom as this Nation currently experiences this “Great Divide.”


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Location: 18 Harvard Street, Rochester, NY

What to Expect from this course…

25059931 - woman in love showing heart with her hands st valentine s dayLearn to experience Awe and Wonder in all that you do.

The sacredness of Life is happening all around you.  Tap into your Higher Realms of Wisdom to experience a constant inner Guidance that offers you unshakable Peace, Confidence and Joy. 

All aspects of life bring you the opportunity to connect with yourself and others via a deeper connection, and kindly, yet purposefully…speak your Truth.

Ready to become a Shape Shifter?

This course study will offer you tools for understanding the power of your own mind, how to influence your fullest potentiality, and align with your life’s purpose.  The result, unwavering Joy, Abundant Peace, and a sense of Sacred Awe that carries into your innermost Being-ness.

Course price includes 6 weekly meetings, a workbook of printed materials, and all teachings.  Limited to 12 participants. 




Course Highlights…

bootcamp-smallWEEK ONE:  Meditation
Everyday Life as Practice.  Wakeful Practices.  Mindfulness and Awareness.  Meditation in Action. Nourishing Awareness while Working.  This Present Moment, this Precious Breath.


joyWEEK TWO:  Creativity and Work
The Power of Presence.  The Listening Heart.  Work, Love and Creative Self.  Effortless Peace. The Garden of Consciousness.


zen-rocks-flowersWEEK THREE:  Health and Well-Being
According to the Yoga Sciences, perfect health already exists within us.  Perfection is intrinsic to our Nature.  Coming back to Source awards you with perfect health, and well-being on all levels of Mind, Body and Spirit. Overcome anger, overwhelm, anxiety, and or depression.

Buddhi Team BiographiesWEEK FOUR:  Community and Relationships
The path of Service.  Enlightened Self inside changing communities.  Relationships as a Path and Practice. Listening and the Right use of Language. Intimacy.  Solitude. Family dynamics. Your Spiritual Connection to All.

21639483 - time and quantum physicsWEEK FIVE:  The Fusion of Spirit and Matter
Quantum Awakening.  Opening to Akasha. The Spontaneous precision of Instinct. Universal Creation. The Laws of a Mind in Action.


Rooted in PeaceWEEK SIX:  Living Consciousness 
We cannot Observe anything without changing it. Absolute Mind, or consciousness is a singularity, yet offers unlimited outcomes.  Learn to master the mind in a realm of Wisdom that allows you to move Matter…aka: create desired outcomes.




How to Register for this course…

buddhi-butterfly-new Please check out above with the ADD TO CART button.  This will allow you to pay with credit card, check or Paypal.



Questions??   Please call Melinda at Buddhi Institute: 585-672-5250 or email:


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