Mindfulness and Self-Care


Begins January 20, 2018  | 11:15 am – 12:15 pm
Includes 6-Week Guidebook and Materials

[Enroll for $90] 6- Week Course
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18 Harvard Street,  Rochester NY, 14607


Learn how to apply mindfulness techniques to overcome the whirlpools of the mind.  Learn simple practices for coming into a state of calm, be in gratitude, and offer yourself kindness.   This is healing in awareness.   This is letting go of the past, coming into the Now, and learning how to embrace all the potentiality within you.

You will learn how to be-friend and master the inner dialogue, emotional patterns, and habits of the mind. The result is clarity, a sense of freedom, peace and unwaivering calm. 


Course Highlights

In this 6-Week course, you will learn to incorporate authentic mindfulness techniques that will allow you to release habits of the mind, which produce constant and fluctuating emotional experiences.

Learning to Master the Mind is a process, and mindfulness training is a learned technique that will expand your current realm of consciousness, into a higher awareness so you begin to experience a calm and peaceful inner dialogue.  As a result self-love and compassion develops as turbulent emotions fade away.

  • Learn how to settle the mind into an instant state of calm.
  • Learn to experience and witness the fullness of your Mind
  • Begin to transform your idea of self-hood into a realized knowing of the High I, or the Self
  • Learn how to use your Emotions as perfect guides into Absolute Awareness


What to Expect…

Our cozy location provides us with yoga bolsters and blankets so we are able to enjoy our meditation practices while engaged in restorative yoga poses.

Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing.

Please arrive on time so that group meditation experiences are not disturbed.

harvard street wellness

Each week, there will be a short teaching and training, followed by a guided group meditation practice.

The teachings provide you with the knowledge of how to establish mindfulness in all that you do.

Through these practices, you will learn to settle the mind, calm the emotions, and slow down the inner dialogue…so your Inner Wisdom has “space” to rise and guide you.

This course also offers you a guidebook and meditation practices to engage with each week as you cultivate a regular practice at home.


How to Register for this class…

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Questions??   Please call Melinda at Buddhi Institute: 585-672-5250 or email: insight@buddhiinstitute.com


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$90, $18


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