Women’s Group: Tools for Mastering your Emotions


Tuesdays: 6 pm– 7 pm
Begins March 28th

[10- Week Course]
[$15 drop in rate]

Learn authentic techniques for overcoming the mental patterns that are the foundation for experiences of anxiety or depression.  Learn to master the mind through the Yoga Sciences and Quantum Consciousness. 



Location: 1000 Providence Circle, Greece NY    2nd Floor Activities Room


The Teachings and Guidance

Buddhi Present MomentWisdom is the key to understanding.  The Yoga Sciences, when understood and applied to one’s daily living, offers you a clear path to what is best described as Freedom.

Powerful emotions that trigger the experience of anxiety or depression, belong to deeply rooted habits of the unconscious and subconscious mind.  You become free from these habits of the mind by discovering the root cause of the mental pattern.

Meditation and mindfulness techniques are the practices that gently allow you to cross the threshold of repeated patterns, and sit with the cause.  This practice invokes the Law of Cause and Effect, and in meditation you learn to become the Master of it.

Beyond the five senses is the Unseen World governed by Laws.

You become One with these laws by becoming established in higher levels of consciousness that already “know” this “place.”

Your consciousness is infinite.  You are unlimited.  Any condition of the mind that is less than this, is simply a pattern that has become a pattern.

In these trainings you will absolutely learn how to establish yourself within higher levels of consciousness, and effortlessly become free from any emotion or belief pattern that has been holding you back from fulfilling your highest potential.

Course Inclusions:  Printed study materials and guidebook, weekly suggested reading links, optional on-line videos for you to expand your knowledge if you so desire, and instruction for mediation practices that are aligned with each week’s wisdom teaching and training.



How to Register for this course…

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Questions??   Please call Melinda at Buddhi Institute: 585-672-5250 or email: insight@buddhiinstitute.com

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