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Tuesdays: 6:30 – 8 pm
Resumes January 9, 2018

[$180 for 6 Week Course]
[$35 for individual classes]




Location: 1000 Providence Circle, Greece NY    

2nd Floor Activities Room


 What is Ayurveda?

Welcome to Ayurveda, an ancient lifestyle practice, which aims to create harmony within the body. It is the world’s most ancient holistic system and it covers every aspect of your well being. Ayurveda works around the principles of balancing ‘doshas’; a unique mix of energies which are unique to us all.

This journey into Perfect Wellness will rejuvenate your dosha, and open your energy paths and stimulate your mind, body and spirit.

Ayurveda is increasingly recognized as a highly beneficial system to complement modern medical practices to treat and cure the causes and symptoms of poor health, for example fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety, stress, obesity, early aging, many diseases and other physical and mental disorders that affect an increasing number of people due to the stresses and pressures of “modern” lifestyles.

Course Inclusions:  Printed study materials and guidebook, weekly suggested reading links, optional on-line videos for you to expand your knowledge if you so desire, and instruction for mediation practices that are aligned with each week’s wisdom teaching and training.



The Healing Science for optimum Wellness…

If you have tried diet after diet, joined a gym and still found no satisfaction, rely on certain medications so you may experience vitality and happiness, or are having limited results with professional counseling…this Wellness Group is for you.

According to Ayurveda, your constitution (your unique qualities of mind, body and spirit) is a particular combination of vata, pitta, and kapha that is established within you at conception, cemented at birth, and that remains constant over the course of your lifetime. It is your body’s imprint for the potentiality of perfect wellness, and it influences your physiology, your physique, your likes and dislikes, your tendencies and habits, your mental and emotional character, as well as your vulnerabilities toward imbalance and disease. Therefore, knowing your constitution (dosha) can be truly enlightening.

But when your baseline of “being”  becomes imbalanced,  your dosha constitution can also spiral toward patterns of illness, exhaustion, and emotional upset.  Your dosha is affected by climate, seasons, the foods you eat, your daily schedule, relationships, your age, and the accumulation of life experiences and belief patterns.

Understanding your individual constitution and knowing how to stabilize your current state of being, is the first step for creating balance on all levels of mind, body and spirit, so you may then consider your path forward, and come into balance.

What this 6-Week course offers…

You will learn your Dosha type, and immediately know where you have become off-balance.

You will learn which food types restore your body on all levels, and which foods will cause you to feel foggy, tired, irritable, heavy, anxious, and so on.  Each dosha type has foods that restore, and foods that bring on imbalance.

You will learn ideal daily routines and schedules that are in alignment with your dosha type.  Some of us are early-birds, while some of us are night-owls…this all has to do with your dosha type.

Each person will receive a mini-wellness consultation to go over your current patterns, and establish a new routine

You will learn mantras, mudras, and breathing techniques that will enhance your individual dosha

You will learn how to honor yourself in every season

You will learn how to rid your body of toxins, while at the same time, fill your body with herbs, teas, and foods that will enhance your overall well-being. 



How to Register for this course…

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Questions??   Please call Melinda at Buddhi Institute: 585-672-5250 or email: insight@buddhiinstitute.com

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