Meditation 101: Becoming the Observer


Guidebook used in Intro into Mediation and Mindfulness Course. Become aware of the thoughts that drive your emotions. Keep the beliefs that empower you, and release mental patterns that hinder you from reaching your fullest potential.
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101-womanIf you have had difficulty in settling your mind in other forms of Meditation Practice, you will learn to come into that place of Peace by engaging in this practice.
This is a 6-Week “guide” that gives you simple practices to master.  Each suggested practice will only take 2-10 minutes a day.  The key is to do the practice each day!

Becoming the Observer

Becoming the Observer is a Self-Study Practice that gently brings one into a meditation practice to expand one’s own Awareness. This is our most popular course, and it is the cornerstone for all other venues of spiritual development.
All persons encounter “Monkey Mind” in beginning meditation practices. This guided course teaches several techniques for getting beyond the mental chatter, turbulent emotions and the frustration that often rises as one attempts to expand beyond guided mediation practice. Learning to observe the mind is key for living a life in mindfulness, mastering your awareness, and calming the root causes for anxiety or depression.
Many introduction into Meditation programs provide guided meditations for the beginner. We believe that learning to still the mind is essential for an authentic spiritual journey toward the within. Your True Nature arises from a still mind. While guided meditation can bring a sense of peace, and reduce stress, learning to Observe your own mind, and remain steady on your own during your meditation sittings, allows you to discover a quiet level of peace and inner wisdom.

What You Can Expect to Receive and Experience

buddhi-butterfly-newLinks for Workbook and course materials.

buddhi-butterfly-newPractical applications to settle the mental chatter of the mind.

buddhi-butterfly-newCultivate and expand your innate Wisdom.

buddhi-butterfly-newEstablish peace with the past, so Peace is the path of your future.

buddhi-butterfly-newReceive Inspirational Emails throughout your 40-Day Practice.

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