The Void: Mastering the Unknown


Welcome to the Void! 
The old is gone…the new has not yet been created, and You are in the “space” in-between.

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In the Void, either by choice or by circumstance, you are required to leave behind familiar structures, habits, thoughts, behaviors and attitudes, for the purpose of going deep within in to re-create new conditions that will now match your higher vibration.
Your ability to joyfully accept that you are in the Void, and by viewing this “space” as a fertile ground of creation will move you through this state of consciousness with ease and loving-kindness.


The Void is a space of pure potentiality. 
Not knowing can be the doorway to True Knowledge.
The Void is a state of Consciousness that when embraced with love is a “space” or “time period” in which one can enter and expand themselves on all levels of Mind, Body, and Spirit.
Your ability to joyfully accept that you are in the Void, and by viewing this “space” as a blank canvas of creation, or a fertile ground of creation will move you through this state of consciousness with ease and loving-kindness.
Every journey within begins in the place of uncertainty.

The goal of this Self-Study practice is to allow for the process of releasing ideas of self that do not belong to the Self, or the High “I.”
Through releasing a cluttering of ideas, your truth will naturally arise on its own. As this occurs, you as the Witness, the Observer, the High I, will naturally, easily, and effortlessly, enlist in choices and activities that serve your True Nature.


The Void as Pure Potentiality

Numerous philosophers, sages, saints and saviors found themselves in a place of the Void prior to experiencing their own state of Enlightenment, which allowed them to begin living their life full of purpose. Here are some examples:
fb sunJesus Christ spent 40 days in a Void after a dove descended upon him. In this example, his purpose was already known; however, he had to “acclimate” to it. He spent 40 days in the desert to release all he had known, which allowed him to come into his full potential.
fb sunThe Buddha also left a life of riches and certainty and went out into the wilderness where he spent years in trial and error in effort to obtain the Truth he was seeking. He had to leave behind what was safe and familiar….enter and accept uncertainty…the process by which truth arises on its own.
fb sunRene Descartes is the famous philosopher who determined “I think, therefore I am.” Wrestling for years with doubts of God and states of existence, he proceeded forward by realizing he had to “release” EVERY BELIEF, THOUGHT, and rational idea of his mind to find the truth.
Eventually, he came to the conclusion after all pre-existing ideas of self were removed, that he did indeed exist and exist fully, due to the simple awareness of the Thinking Mind. The Awareness is the Observer; the Witness within each of us….that is separate from our sense of self. The Buddha referred to this Witness as the High “I.”
“To become full, one must first become empty.” The Buddha


What You Can Expect to Receive and Experience

buddhi-butterfly-newRelease attachment to the outcome.   This allows you to come to understand the limitations of rational mind (the Ego) to become aware and at peace with the gentle Allowing and guidance from your own inner wisdom.
buddhi-butterfly-newRecognize your emotional body as a “GPS” system that can either guide you into perfect balance, or into spirals of anxiety or depression.
buddhi-butterfly-newLearn to see all relationships as a Divine Mirror while establishing a sense of personal freedom.
buddhi-butterfly-newLearn to recognize the unlimited possibilities contained within your own mental landscape.
buddhi-butterfly-newCome to know the Highest Expression of yourself.
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