Spiritual Wisdom Courses

Buddhi Institute courses are 6-Week sessions that offer you practical application for bringing wisdom and spiritual development into your daily living.

Courses offer hands on training for deepening your engagement in Meditation and Mindfulness, and enhance your wisdom through the Yoga Sciences, Metaphysics, and Consciousness Studies.

Learning is finding out what you already know. Between the body and the Self are whole worlds to be traversed. Both worlds are best experienced through the Mind.  Embrace your highest wisdom.

All courses include a printed workbook and training materials. 



35817132 - vector energy scheme of human body with chakras and channelsChakras and Consciousness 
April 12, 2017

[$150 pp — 6 Week Session]
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Higher States of Consciousness are Within

In the Yoga Sciences, chakras are considered to be the most important energy spots in the body. It’s said that when the chakras are aligned, there is natural balance achieved that cannot be found any other way.

Alignment of the chakras leads to the highest forms of self-expression, inner contentment, and expanded awareness found in higher realms of consciousness.

Course price includes 6 weekly meetings, a workbook of printed materials, and all teachings.  

Limited to 12 participants. 




Living your Spiritual Path

[Available for Private Groups of 6 or more]

The sacredness of Life is happening all around you.  Tap into your Higher Realms of Wisdom to experience a constant inner Guidance that offers you unshakable Peace, Confidence and Joy. 

All aspects of life bring you the opportunity to connect with yourself and others via a deeper connection, and kindly, yet purposefully…speak your Truth.

This course study will offer you tools for understanding the power of your own mind, how to influence your fullest potentiality, and align with your life’s purpose.  The result, unwavering Joy, Abundant Peace, and a sense of Sacred Awe that carries into your innermost Being-ness.