Learning is finding out what you already know. Between the body and the Self are whole worlds to be traversed. Both worlds are best experienced through the Mind’s  eye.   Allow this wisdom to be known…expand your mind with Meditation, Mindfulness, and Wisdom.



Popular Guidebooks

31 Daily Meditations in Peace
Devoted practices in Loving-Kindness, Mindfulness and Inner Peace
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Book-of-InsightsDynamic Book Of Insights
Conscious Awareness in the Present Moment

[$3 E-Book]

12 profound practices for living in authentic awareness, and embracing the present moment.

Meditation-101-ObservingMeditation 101: Becoming the Observer
Become aware of the thoughts that drive your emotions.
[$21 E-book]
[$33 mailed hard copy]

Self-Study, 6-Week practice with guidebook. Instant download available.



inspired-actionInspired Action: Self-Study Practice
Remove limited thought patterns. Enter the realm of of Inspired Action by the Law of Least Effort.
[$63 E-book]

Self-Study, 6-Week practice with guidebook. Instant download available



buddhi-divine-listeningFinding your Inner Guru
Engaged Listening is the bridge to the wisdom within.
[$108 E-book]

Self-Study, 6-Week practice with guidebook. Instant download available



finding peace in uncertaintyThe Void: Mastering the Unknown
The old is gone…the new has not yet been created. Learn how to Master this “place” of in-between.
[$108 E-book]

Self-Study, 6-Week practice with guidebook. Instant download available



The goal of these practices is to obtain one-pointed centeredness, which is the path to Peace and Harmony within oneself.


buddhi sunFor this reason, the courses are actually “practices” and do not require hours and hours of reading.  Most of the “exercises” or practical applications will only take 2-20 minutes a day.  The “key” is to practice daily….for the entire 40-Days.

buddhi sunOur programs do not require journaling, writing, or watching video after video.  Your program will introduce you to an idea, or a concept…explain it, and offer you several different ways to incorporate the practice into your life.

buddhi sunThese methods of practice give you actual experience in Quantum Laws, Ancient Philosophies, Yoga Wisdoms, and Spiritual Insights so you come to know how to experience your own personal innate Wisdom.

The Guidebooks

By following the meditations and practices in Buddhi Institute Guidebooks, you become able to transform old, limiting habits into positive change. You learn to steady, and overcome fluctuating emotions, whirlpools of the mind, that cause stress and burn-out. The suggested practices in each guidebook only take 2-10 per day to apply in your busy day-to-day living. Learn simple, profound, and authentic healing philosophies from the Yoga Sciences.


Guidebooks are available in paperback, or download format. Your order will also include weekly insight and inspiration, and access to discounted private coaching if you need a boost along the way of your path.


Chakras and Consciousness
The Art of Allowing
Mastering the Void
Being in Awareness
Being Impeccable
The Field of Knowing
40-Days of Joy
The Law of Least Effort
The Voice of Manifestation