You are not your Mind…You are the Observer.

Meditation practice will bring you to know the real you, what your strengths, passions, and the elements are of your wisdom self. Meditation practice brings one to find a luminous place within that will guide you perfectly in all conditions, and through all situations of life.

There are many ways to practice meditation: from sitting, reclining, in silence, chanting, or even walking meditations can bring great reward for personal reflection.

The Self-Study practices below provide thorough and authentic training methods that are easy to apply into your daily living routine.

The Meditation 101 self-study course is a workbook that offers short teachings, and easy to follow guided techniques.  The step-by-step process teach you how to easily settle the mind and its inner dialogue, which allows you to first “become the Observer” of the mind.   By becoming the Observer, you obtain self awareness.  Through awareness, you gain the ability to re-wire habitual patterns of the mind, while also establishing yourself within an on-going mental and emotional state of inner calm and peace.

The Practicing Peace Guidebook, teaches you precisely how to establish your own sense of absolute sacred space within. Each daily reflection provides meditation tips for beginners as well as suggestions for advanced students.  The meditations are short and simple, yet also profound.  Anyone using this guidebook will be able to take their meditation practice to a deeper level.


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Self Study Practices


Meditation-101-Self-Study-PracticeMeditation 101: Becoming the Observer
[on Sale!  Now only $21] By Becoming the Observer, we begin to notice the constant chatter of our mind. By Observing, we become aware, and awareness offers us the opportunity to choose our thoughts and then our actions. A busy mind, is simply an untrained mind.  See Details






Practicing Peace Guidebook:  31 Daily Meditations in Peace for Peace.
[E-Book only $10]  Peace begins Within. Your Practicing Peace Guidebook  offers 31 daily meditations for each day of the month, and highlights an inspiring quote, a short teaching, and either a prayer, meditation, or mantra to engage with each day. Learn how to cultivate your practice and deepen your inner awareness of your Absolute source of peace and wisdom.  Order Now


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