Mindfulness is the practice of being aware and conscious in our day to day living. This level of awareness increases as an unbinding of the mind develops. 

A process similar to planting a seed, and waiting…the seed in time develops into the gorgeous creation it was intended to be. Everyone’s process is different, so it is impossible to compare one’s level of awareness to another.

It helps to be patient while we are on a path to promote mindfulness, because this practice is cultivated and  can learned in one minute or it might take a year or more. However, practice fertilizes the seed of awareness.

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Mindfulness-Training-Self-StudyMindfulness Training
[on Sale!! Now only $27!]  The 40 Day Mindfulness Training is a Self-Study practice that provides practical application for living life in the present moment. This course gives you daily applications to bring into your day to day living so that the practice becomes who you are by means of actual experience. See Details



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