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What you Seek is Seeking You.

Buddhi Team BiographiesOne-to-one coaching sessions are a wonderful self investment when you find yourself at a cross-roads, feeling stuck, or want to learn how to overcome mental or emotional obstacles that continue to hold you back from reaching your fullest potential.

In a one-to-one, personalized wellness session, you quickly learn how to settle the whirlpools of the mind that belong to the Inner Dialogue.

The Inner Dialogue is limited, and can only function as either a “judge” or a “victim,” by which it as the Rational Mind attempts to make sense of what you are experiencing based on perceptions from past experiences.  Because we exist in a constantly changing world, the Rational Mind is always in action, always attempting to solve problems in effort to guide you to your goals.
When the Rational Mind becomes overwhelmed, or…stuck in a habitual pattern of thought and emotion, the Inner Dialogue will prompt the mind (subconsciously) into episodes of fear, doubt, anxiety, depression, or uncertainty. However, a trained mind is a quiet mind,  from which you are easily able to cultivate clarity and accomplish your personal goals in wellness of mind, body and spirit.


Private Spiritual Development and Wellness Programs are recommended:


  • If you wish to live a day to day life engaged and unlimited.
  • If you feel at a cross-road in your life.
  • If you wish to shift into a positive mindset, no matter what is going on in your life.
  • If you are struggling with habits of addiction.
  • If you experience episodes of anxiety or depression.
  • If you are ready live with passion and purpose.
  • Or if you are ready to expand your yoga practice to include the deep philosophies and ancient wisdoms for Self-Realization.



50 minute session in person or via Skype
RECOMMENDED >>> 90 minute session in person or via Skype


After your first session, you may wish to commit to an extended Mastery Program.
The cost of your first session will be deducted from any of the following programs:




Focus 2017: Identify your Goals  | 6 Sessions

Learn how to apply Mindfulness into every area of your life in 6 private one-on-one sessions.  This introductory program will help you set the foundation for your goals and plans so your successes are achieved with ease and in Joy…



40 Day Coached Programs

Freedom from Life Patterns 

If you find yourself in repetitive patterns and constant fluctuations of the mind, this 8-week practice will bring you into balance and clarity…




PURPLE-BUDDHAAwaken into Super Consciousness

In this 16-Week practice, your emotions become your best inner guide.  Learn to make peace with all your thoughts, and all emotions.   In acceptance comes clarity.  This profound state of mind brings you into a blissful freedom… 


emotional-eyeAbsolute Transformation  |  9 Month Mastery

This extended program will guide you through each area of your life, so that all aspects of Self become cultivated to their Highest Potential…



Deepen your relationship with yourself.
Enjoy a quiet unfolding of the Wisdom within…



50 minute session in person or via Skype
RECOMMENDED>>>90 minute session in person or via Skype





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