Authentic transformation is a process of discovery, and an “unfolding” of consciousness. Each person’s process of awakening is unique.   This type of coaching is not therapy.   You are guided into finding your highest potentiality, your innate wellness, your sense of purpose, and your unwavering condition of peace inside a steady foundation of confidence.   


 Healing and transformation can only occur in the Present Moment.   Traditional therapy or coaching techniques generally only provide  you with a weekly 50 minute session, during which you must try to remember what the contents of the mind have been, explain your fluctuating emotions, and then receive a short treatment or some advice.

You and I will be in frequent contact, as real life episodes arise.  We will work together inside the Present Moment, while you are actually experiencing the Inner Critic, anxiety, depression…or any other emotion.

In addition to weekly or bi-weekly appointments, either in person or via Skype, your customized coaching program will also include: follow up notes that highlight our sessions, short weekly phone conversations, and other forms of on-going communication.  Most coaching programs range from 8 to 12 weeks. 

You will learn to calm the Inner Dialogue, your emotions, and overcome limitations of the mind. In a new place of awareness, previous conditions belonging to anxiety, depression, self-doubt and stress fade away as wisdom rises.

This approach, has radically changed the lives of my clients. It is “hands-on,” in the moment coaching, that guides you into finding your inner source of power, truth, perfect peace, and absolute wisdom.  All of these aspects of self, risen into higher states of consciousness is called Awareness.

The reward of awareness is Freedom.

Awareness leads you into Inspired Action, which establishes a foundation of Joy in all activities, relationships and life experiences. Now is the time to live inside a peaceful mind, and from heart center so you expand into your fullest potential.

Private Coaching | Spiritual Development

Are you ready to deepen your understanding of past habits and life experiences? Settle the whirlpools of your mind, and learn to master your emotions.

Private Appointments are excellent for:
Recovery or Addiction
Relationship Building
Deepening your Spiritual Practice
Applying Yoga Philosophy to Daily Living
Feelings of Anxiety or Depression
Developing Mindfulness and Insight
Self Empowerment

Wellness Coaching | Consultation

One-to-one Wellness Coaching sessions provide great insight when you find yourself at a cross-roads, feeling stuck, or want to learn how to overcome your mental or emotional obstacles that continue to hold you back from reaching your fullest potential.

Wellness Programs are recommended:
If you have been feeling sluggish,
Have loss of vitality and mental clarity.
If you struggle with habits of addiction.
If you experience anxiety or depression.
If you have difficulty sleeping.

If you suffer from inflammation.
You are ready to shift into a healthy lifestyle. 


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Private appointments are available in person or via Skype. 

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Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths. ~ Rumi