Want more Peace in your Life?
Learn to master the contents of your mind, accomplish your goals, and enjoy a quiet unfolding of the Peace and Wisdom within.

One-to-one coaching sessions offer you guidance and tools for going within when you find yourself at a cross-roads, feeling stuck, or are ready to overcome mental and emotional patterns of the mind. Learn to master your Inner Dialogue, and find yourself living in your fullest potential.



Meditation Classes
Learning is finding out what you already know.

The Buddhi Institute offers classes, courses and workshops in Meditation, Mindfulness, and Spiritual Development.

Through the wisdom of the Yoga Sciences, you learn how to cultivate inner peace, vision and clarity, and a sense of your authentic purpose as a unique Being.



Awareness in Consciousness
The Buddhi Institute offers Wellness Coaching, Spiritual Development, and a variety of privately guided programs for Healing, Wellness and Recovery.

These customized wellness programs guide you into finding absolute harmony in all aspects of mind, body, and spirit. Learn to Master the Yoga Sciences, Quantum Law, and ancient Philosophies, and live free from any past limitations or hindrances.

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