About Buddhi Institute


Awareness and Consciousness are two sides of the same coin.

Learn mindfulness techniques for overcoming stress, anxiety or other emotions. 

Embrace meditation training and learn to settle the mind in contemplation, and reflection.

Mastering the mind and emotions


Learn to steady the mind. Overcome turbulent emotions. Discover inner peace.

Established in one-pointed concentration you discover your own state of unwavering peace and clarity of mind for setting goals, and experiencing your highest potential in all that you do.

The Buddhi Institute offers:

* Wisdom Courses based in Mindfulness for groups or individuals

* Spiritual Development Programs for groups or individuals

* Private Coaching Sessions

* Meditation Retreats

* Spiritual Journeys

* Guidebooks for individual study and meditation practice

The benefits of learning and applying mindfulness to your life:

* Live your life in Awareness.
* Live with a continued sense of calmness.
* Clarity of mind in higher consciousness.   Release of confusion and negative thoughts.
* A dedicated balanced life of inspiration.
* Overall success and well-being.
* Increased level of spiritual wisdom, unveiling your True Purpose. 

The teachings and trainings do not focus on any particular religious tradition.

The philosophies, wisdom teachings, and applied practices embody ancient to modern applications of practical wisdom in your day-to-day living.

All teachings and training programs are personalized for each student based on individual goals, and current level of understanding.

Mastering the Mind and Emotions

Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths. ~ Rumi