Just as there are multiple potentialities for one’s level of awareness, you embody multiple potentialities of consciousness.

Mindfulness is a hot topic these days, and has become a billion dollar a year industry. Originally, mindfulness was a Buddhist practice for maintaining awareness of the present moment, but is now used for stress reduction, and overcoming troubling emotional states such as anxiety or depression.

The key word to understand is awareness. It is engaged awareness that sets you free from habits of mind, triggered emotional patterns, outdated belief systems, and cyclical life experiences such as: new relationship-same issues.



In the Yoga Sciences, awareness is understood as conscious attention. This is a philosophy that is similar to a rabbit hole or an onion, because there is layer after layer, after layer of consciousness to be discovered. Conscious awareness is understood as a relationship between the activity of perception and the ability of the perceiver’s mind.

There are four basic levels of consciousness and each of us experience three levels every day:




The forth level opens the door to the multiple realms of consciousness available to anyone who chooses to begin their journey toward self-realization. Depending on the school of philosophy, self-realization may also be termed as: Enlightenment, or Awakening into pure consciousness.

The courses, classes and coaching practices available through Buddhi Institute teach you how to master waking consciousness.

Intellect refers to the ability of the mind to examine one’s experiences, to learn academically, to solve problems, and attempt to decipher conclusions about what is true or real. The intellect provides you with abilities for analyzing, comparing, deducing, structuring and storing information and knowledge for later application. Intellect allows you to understand your surroundings, retain knowledge and wisdom, but intellect is also limited. Your intellect is limited by what you have learned and experienced in your life.



Obtaining awareness is the process of examining the intellect from the viewpoint of the “Observer,” the perceiver, and examining the mind from a higher place beyond limitation, and re-examining what is true, or real.

This process of awareness is an attribute or an expression of the Buddhi, but it is not equal to Buddhi. Understanding the differing facilities of the mind, allows for a shift in awareness that will move you from the limited spheres of the mind to the unlimited field of pure consciousness.

Buddhi is a passive and latent principle, and it is only experienced through union with absolute consciousness, and becomes the reasoning of Higher Self. This level of consciousness within each of us, and is the only “vehicle” of truth and well-being.

Buddhi is not bound by external concepts of right and wrong, it does not “think” in this way. It functions as an unseen internal, perception of being. It is the faculty of mind that allows for partial broadening awareness, or full realization of pure consciousness.

Obtaining awareness opens the door to all available fields of consciousness…revealing your True Nature. Once you are able to “see” inside yourself from the viewpoint of the “Observer,” you will have crossed a threshold into a new way of Being. Your perceptions will begin to change, and from this your life experiences also change.

Living day to day from the limited conditions of one’s intellect, binds your idea of who you are to what your past experiences have been. Rational mind judges our past actions and experiences, and as a result, we live from a limited idea of who we are and what we are capable of.

From this limited idea of self, we cater to the constant demand of the Inner Dialogue, as we seek acceptance, approval and satisfaction in the outside world. While self-preservation or self-fulfillment is understandable, you actually decline your spiritual advancement living inside this low state of consciousness.



 The Yoga Sciences were discovered and put into place over 5000 years ago. Remarkably, the true reality discovered through meditation ages ago, in direct experiences inside Pure Consciousness, the ancient sages found all things exist as One, there is no separation. 

Past, present and future are all the same point of reality. Their direct experiences of consciousness are slowly being re-discovered today through Quantum Science and Neuro Science. 



The “you” that you know as the being in your body, is not limited by the physical conditions of your body. In the quantum vibrational reality, you ARE consciousness having the experience of being you in a 3-dimensional field that is governed by physical and universal Laws.

The eternal You, operates on the larger scale of all possibilities.When you learn to experience yourself through higher states of consciousness, you will see for yourself that everything moves as energy, and YOU are THAT energy. 

Everything is constantly changing, and through awareness you can master any present moment, and SHIFT into everything you have ever wanted to Be. 

Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths. ~ Rumi